Ifarada: Centre of Excellence

Welcome to Ifarada (eye-fa-ra-da)! We are a member of the Family Services Agencies of Ontario. Our Agency is designed to support the community with a strong emphasis on: equity, holistic care, and empowerment.

Promoting Healthy Families. Embracing Equity and Celebrating Diversity. Cultivating Resilience

Programs and Services for youth based on leadership, mentorship, guidance, education and mental wellness.

Family-based programs and services designed to address family challenges such as family conflict, divorce and separation, anger management, and family holistic care.

Individualized programs based on empowerment strategies such as life coaching, education support, navigation assistance, support groups, and holistic care.

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Our VisionIfarada seeks to support, heal and empower community members through the use of holistic interventions. We seek to re-claim African culture, beliefs and values while supporting youth, adults and families enhance their cultural, social and mental wellness.

Our Mission: Building foundations through the richness of our history, and manifesting strength through knowledge and wisdom, and generating empowerment, leadership and healing programs

Our virtual walk-in clinic is NOW OPEN. Visit us on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

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Executive Summary

Ifarada: Centre of Excellence is seeking to inspire a community of strong leaders, to create paths to success and better outcomes, and empower change. Through identifying and dismantling systemic oppression, creating equitable and developing targeted programs that prepare our youth, our families, our communities for success. Learn More.

Inspiring strong leaders
  • Creating opportunities for our community
  • Inspiring inner growth and change
  • Developing skills & expertise for strong leaders


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are greater beyond measure.

Marianne Williamson

Ifarada means Resiliency. Ifarada: Centre for Excellence, Empowerment and Self-Determination to create strong leaders, to heal people and families, to advance cultural knowledge, and to enhance opportunities for success.

What is a leader? A leader is not just a CEO of a large company or the Prime Minister of Canada. A leader is someone who defies all the obstacles designed to see you fail, and moves towards the direction for their success. A leader is someone who establishes a goal, and sees his/her goal into reality. A leader is someone who seeks the resources they need to be successful, and is relentless to seeing the finish line of their success. A leader does not stop learning, growing, and pushing even when it feels as though failures will keep them from success. You are a leader. We are leaders. Our community is filled with leaders, ready to launch.

Nicole Perryman

Programs designed to support healing within children, youth, families and couples. Programs that foster holistic healing approaches, culturally-informed practices, and self-determined interventions.


Changing outcomes to enhance opportunities and remove barriers due to systemic racism and oppression. Our empowerment comes from within, and supported by family, community, and nation.


Enhancing leadership and mentorship opportunities for emerging youth leaders. Providing our youth a voice and a purpose, addressing systemic barriers and creating pathways to success. Their success. Their outcomes.

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Learn more about Our Mission, Vision, and Guiding principles that shape our passion for supporting families, community members, youth, and individuals.

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Upcoming Events

Learn more about our current& upcoming events, as well as our past accomplishments! Upcoming Events Virtual Support Groups Connections can continue to be made with our virtual support groups. We are hosting our women’s and girl’s group programs. Enroll Today! Past Events Wonderfully Made Girl Our amazing girls aged 6 to 12 years old met […]

Culturally-Based Leadership Programs

Ifarada is proud to develop culturally-based leadership programs for youth of color. Be Proud, Cultivate Your Identity, Build Your Confidence Our Leadership Program is designed to support young people to connect with their cultural identity, and identities around the world. We want to celebrate our identity not defined but North America, but defined by our […]

Healing Race Trauma

I attended my first Black funeral in January 2012. My beautiful grandmother had passed away a few days prior, and my mother, sister and I arrived to Port of Spain, Trinidad West Indies within a few hours. I loved my trips to Trinidad, but this one was bittersweet. Each day, before the funeral we sat […]