Our Practice

The following are a list of our current and proposed projects & interventions. Our current projects are linked to our Programs & Services page for more information & registration details. Leadership Programs Coming Soon Elder to Youth: Geared specifically for youth and elders (60+) and professional elders who focus upon providing individual leadership and guidance to youth. Family Mentorship Programs: Connecting families-in-need with family mentors … Continue reading Our Practice

Our Tenets

Ifarada: Centre for Excellence, Leadership and Self-Determination has three main tenets, which are guiding principles for the organization and its work within the community. Each principle leads to a grand description of our innovative interventions as defined in our Mission Statement. Principle #1: Leadership Strong leadership- The company is managed with strong leadership, African-inspired leaders with a history and understanding or anti-oppression, anti-Black racism and … Continue reading Our Tenets

Our History

Every story begins with a dream. Every African, Caribbean, Indigenous, and European individual, family and community has a story. A story that brought them here, to Canada, to Ontario, to Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. Some community members story is heard and told in classrooms, on television and movie screens, in music, and in intimate places in front of fireplaces and in books. … Continue reading Our History

Youth Male Program: Adrinkehene

We are proud to announce our inaugural group for young males is starting this September 2019. Our male-focused leadership program is designed to support males aged 9 to 13 and 14 to 21 develop essential skills for success, including emotional intelligence, anger management, leadership, mentoring, sports engagement and physical development, and life-skill development. Designed for success… Our Program: Adrinkhene is led by two facilitators, supported … Continue reading Youth Male Program: Adrinkehene

Nia Gwenda: Program

About Nia Gwenda: Girls with Purpose Nia Gwenda is a girl focused youth based group for ages 12-21 years old. The group aims to educate and support girls to develop their life skills and build relationships within themselves and with others in their lives.  Process:  Each youth is interviewed individually prior to the group starting for an intake assessment.  This may take 1-3 sessions and … Continue reading Nia Gwenda: Program

Anxiety & Moods

Nia Gwenda: Girls with Purpose began in 2013 developed from Girl Talk (organized in 2007). Through the past few years, Nia Gwenda and the many facilitators have supported hundreds of girls and young women. We have learned over the years that girl-facilitated and filled groups have a powerful way of supporting girls through their difficult experiences and developing healthy relationships. Anxiety-Reduction skills based programs… One … Continue reading Anxiety & Moods

An Invitation for Partners

We want to build community partnerships to help our grassroots organizations grow. Our community partners can assist us with: Financial Support Spacing for Programs Youth placement and job opportunities Mentoring opportunities Facilitating workshops Letters of Support For more information, email us at: ifaradainstitute@gmail.com We are pleased to announce our non-for-profit agency, Ifarada is hosting a series of youth and family programs for African-Canadian, people of … Continue reading An Invitation for Partners