Ifarada: Centre for Excellence

Promoting Healthy Families, Embracing Equity and Celebrating Diversity, Cultivating Resilience

Welcome to Ifarada (eye-fa-ra-da)! We are a member of the Family Services Agencies of Ontario. Our Agency is designed to support the community with a strong emphasis on: equity, holistic care, and empowerment.

Enroll this Fall 2021 in our virtual programs such as counselling, therapeutic groups, mentorship, and resource building

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Holistic Supports

Accessible counselling and mental health supports for children, youth, families, and adults.

Group Programs

Supportive, therapeutic groups designed to support children, youth, and adults within a safe, supportive environment. Our groups cover building social skills, enhancing self-esteem, teaching anger management skills, reaffirming culture and identity, and nurturing connections.

Leadership and Mentorship Programs

Building resiliency through our community, inspiring our young people, and guiding mentors and leaders..

Culturally-Informed Learning Centre

Neao Learning Centre provides online workshops, tutoring and language programs for youth and adults. Our programs are accessible, and provided at no cost.

Embracing Equity and Inclusive Learning

Mate Masie Equity Courses and Workshops to create system change and transformation. Join as a professional, an organization, or an individual to enhance and enrich experiences and learning.

Self- Determination

Programs designed to support healing within children, youth, families and couples. Programs that foster holistic healing approaches, culturally-informed practices, and self-determined interventions.


Changing outcomes to enhance opportunities and remove barriers due to systemic racism and oppression. Our empowerment comes from within, and supported by family, community, and nation.


Enhancing leadership and mentorship opportunities for emerging youth leaders. Providing our youth a voice and a purpose, addressing systemic barriers and creating pathways to success. Their success. Their outcomes.

Culturally-Informed, Trauma-lens and Anti-Oppressive Practice

A Member of Family Services Ontario

Supporting healthy families, healthy community, and inclusive environments. Ifarada (eye-fah-ra-da) meaning Resilience: Centre for Excellence