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Our Mission: Ifarada seeks to support and heal the African-Canadian community through use of holistic interventions.  We seek to re-claim African culture, beliefs and values while supporting youth, adults and families enhance their cultural, social and mental wellness. We identify and targets programs designed to improve outcomes for African-Canadian youth and families.

Ifarada means Resilience

Our non for profit organization seeks to inspire and build empowerment for children, youth, families and adults. Learn more about us by selecting a photo below.

Our organization seeks to support youth and families to achieve success by building resiliency through LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS, EDUCATION ASSISTANCE, GROUP THERAPY PROGRAMS, PARENT EDUCATION, MENTORSHIP PROGRAMS, and more. We offer free programs within your community, school, or local counselling center, Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services.

Ifarada: Centre for Excellence was designed by Nicole Perryman, Executive Director and Visionary. She is featured on Rogers TV Health Matters, has published articles & contributed to written documents and policies, and manages a counselling practice in Durham Region.

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Health Matters: Changing Steps

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Join us for virtually for Nia Gwenda: Girls with Purpose and Wonderfully Made and Empowered Queens

Starting April 2020, our girls group for youth ages 8 years old to 21 years old is NOW virtual. Our groups will cover: physical distancing & social isolation, managing anxiety, celebrating our identity, riding the waves of sadness and more. Our groups will provide youth to connect on an emotional level and support each other in a healthy, safe, and supportive manner.

Our parent and male groups are also offering virtual group programs via ZOOM platform and related mental health support for our parents and youth during this difficult time. We encourage our elders to become involved with our programs as mentors and support to our youth and parents who have never lived through these times. Our programs are facilitated by training counsellors and are offered at no-cost.

Let’s be there to support each other!

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Ifarada: Centre for Excellence