Family Treatment

Is your family in crisis?

Are you struggling to resolve a problem?

Need a third party to provide an objective view?

At Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services we offer services specifically designed for families.

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Our Kujenga Family Reunification Program is designed to support families separated by child welfare, immigration and other reasons.  Our program uses an anti-oppressive and cultural-lens specifically supportive of the families’ unique values and principles.

We offer Couples Counselling using an attachment-focused, repair-based approach to helping couples heal difficult experiences in their relationship, improve their communication, understanding and empathy for each other and define shared values and principles.

Finally, our Family Counselling Program:

Family Counselling

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Family counselling brings together the entire family to work together around solving a particular issue or developing new and healthy ways to communicate.
Through family counselling, we provide education, training to improve empathy and effective listening skills and homework to practice new skills.
We incorporate family counselling with play to engage families through multiple interventions.

Common family therapy approaches build problem solving, family functioning, attachment between family members and teach emotional regulation.

To make a referral to any of our programs, email us at:

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