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Community venture programs to watch…

Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services supports community organizations, grassroots agencies and individuals that focus upon providing services which create a meaningful impact on our community. These organizations help to address systemic issues that our community members experiences such as untreated mental health difficulties, economical and poverty restraints, racism, homophobia, homelessness and so much more.  Individuals who manage private practice organizations support our community by offering under-serviced mental health treatment and resources to individuals in need.

We started.. Ifarada Institute

By supporting community, we build healthy families and individuals.  We make our country and our world GREATER by investing in intervention programs that focus upon supporting people live their best lives.

From 2008, we started the vision of creating a learning centre which focused upon supporting young people in their lives by meeting their cultural, identity, self-growth, and emotional needs.  We believed that supporting our youth through meeting some of the areas of their development, often missed, will help to improve their outcomes, create opportunities for youth, and empower their growth and learning.

We support & promote community interventions within Ontario and abroad…

Dalhousie researcher hopes to create a new mental health service for black women

Article written by Aya Al-Hakim

Ifarada: Center for Excellence is our newest non-for-profit organization…

youth domains
  1. Key Objectives:
  2. Emotional Regulation- through mental health programs and groups to teach youth how to understand and manage their emotions in a healthy way.
  3. Mentoring Guidance- by connecting youth to mentors who share similar life experiences and challenges, and can provide the youth with such knowledge, guidance and support they need.
  4. Cultural awareness & participation- through cultural awareness, youth are educated on issues that impact themselves, their culture, their history and their elders.  They learn how to participate and develop their culture into something that represents their identity.
  5. Knowledge & self- through group programs and mentoring youth learn how to identify themselves in ways that promote their self-confidence and engagement with the world, they develop skills such as leadership, problem solving, empathy, emotional intelligence and more.
  6. Other domains- Ifarada Institute works with school and education, physical activity and sports teams, and families to promote the principles of Ifarada Institute.

To learn more about this program, visit us at: Ifarada Institute

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Community organizations who support youth & families

  1. Community Benefits: Jobs and Opportunities Through Community Benefits
  2. The Durham Black Educators Network
  3. Futurpreneur Canada

To Request your organization to be added, email us at:

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