Cultural Knowledge Leadership

Culturally-Based Leadership Programs

Ifarada is proud to develop culturally-based leadership programs for youth of color.

Be Proud, Cultivate Your Identity, Build Your Confidence

Our Leadership Program is designed to support young people to connect with their cultural identity, and identities around the world. We want to celebrate our identity not defined but North America, but defined by our culture and heritage.

Be Proud… be open to talk about your identity and the traditions that have made your experiences unique.

Cultivate your identity... and the culture that you have grown up within. Our culture is not just our traditions, but it is our way of being, our languages, our values and beliefs, our spiritual understandings, and our interactions with others in our culture.

Build your confidence... and learn to develop leadership skills! As you proudly embrace your identity and culture, you will be able to share with others. At Ifarada, we have developed leadership programs which include: embracing knowledge of self and culture, working with others of different perspectives and experiences, building interpersonal skills, managing our emotions in a healthy way, improving problem solving skills and empowering others.

Want to learn more….

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