Youth Male Program: Adrinkehene

We are proud to announce our inaugural group for young males is starting this September 2019. Our male-focused leadership program is designed to support males aged 9 to 13 and 14 to 21 develop essential skills for success, including emotional intelligence, anger management, leadership, mentoring, sports engagement and physical development, and life-skill development.

Designed for success…

Our Program: Adrinkhene is led by two facilitators, supported with guests leaders and mentors throughout the program. The program is youth-based, and once the intakes are completed, the program is tailored to meet the needs of the youth directly. Process:  Each youth is interviewed individually prior to the group starting for an intake assessment.  This may take 1-3 sessions and is not included in the total group sessions.  The youth meets again individually with the facilitator during the group on one occasion and at termination of the group. Cost: There is no cost for participants. Adrinkehene depends on the donations of others for space, facilitators, food, and materials. If you wish to donate to our program, please contact us at: ifaradainstitute@gmail.com. Program Length: These sessions are included in the total group sessions and are incorporated in the group fee (NO COST).  The group sessions run for 2 hours at a time, for a total of 8 to 12 group sessions on a weekly basis. Group Structure: In the first hour, the group does a physical activity (sports-related) and icebreaker. Most of these activities focus upon building skills such as: cooperation, collaboration, problem-solving, mental wellness, and self-determination. There is a 20 minute snack. The final 45 minutes is focused on a skill-based activity focused on mental wellness and leadership. Purpose: The program supports skills training, leadership, identity-building and mental wellness for young men.  The group supports youth develop connections with other group members, teaches skills on emotional wellness, distress and intelligence, discusses pertinent issues that impact youth, and supports/engages youth to discuss healthy relationship and problem solving skills. The group incorporates treatment approaches such as cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness, narrative therapy, and art and music therapy, in a way that connects well with male youth. 

“we are building a community of strong males” Nicole Perryman

Our Mission for Adrinkhene: Simple We want to create a culture of building our young males to achieve their goals, to advert difficult experiences, and to build success at a young age. We know that we can achieve this with your support, with the support of our community members, our youth, and our young men.

Group Topics

Some of our planned leadership topics and events include:

  • Emotional Intelligence: what is it? how do you accomplish it?
  • Financial literacy: understanding money & how it works
  • Anger management: understanding your emotions
  • Collaboration: building a strong team environment
  • Healthy Relationships: building healthy connections with others
  • Understanding Sex: understanding yourself & your body
  • Healthy Boundaries: developing healthy relationship dynamics
  • Male Egos and Stereotypes: How the world perceives males
  • Mental Wellness: learning to care for your mind, body and soul
  • Society & Males: understanding societal expectations for males


To make a referral or learn more about our program, contact us at: ifaradainstitute@gmail.com

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