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Nia Gwenda, girls with purpose group for girls aged 12 to 18 years old.

About Nia Gwenda: Girls with Purpose

Nia Gwenda is a girl focused youth based group for ages 12-18 years old. The group aims to educate and support girls to develop their life skills and build relationships within themselves and with others in their lives. 

Process:  Each youth is interviewed individually prior to the group starting for an intake assessment.  This may take 1-3 sessions and is not included in the total group sessions.  The youth meets again individually with the facilitator during the group on one occasion and at termination of the group.

Cost: There is no cost for participants. Nia Gwenda depends on the donations of others for space, facilitators, food, and materials. If you wish to donate to our program, please contact us at: ifaradainstitute@gmail.com.

Program Length: These sessions are included in the total group sessions and are incorporated in the group fee.  The group sessions run for 1.5 to 2 hours at a time, for a total of 8 to 12 group sessions on a weekly basis. 

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Purpose: Nia Gwenda provides support, skills training, cultural awareness and mental wellness for girls.  The group supports youth develop connections with other group members, provide a space for them to address difficult challenges in their lives, and assistance to deal with mood and behavior difficulties.  The group teaches youth skills on how to manage their mental health and moods, to learn relaxation and mindfulness skills, to develop independent skills, and to enhance their communication skills.  The group incorporates social and cultural awareness within the group, teaches cultural norms and expectations, and encourages youth to connect their identity with cultural beliefs and standards.  The group incorporates treatment approaches such as cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness, narrative therapy, and art and music therapy.  We use social media within the group.  Snacks are provided within each group.

With Purpose…

“every woman, was a little girl with hopes, dreams & purpose” Nicole Perryman


Our first ever program evaluation was drafted by one of our students, Mariyam during her placement at Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services. The evaluation was a way to capture our past accomplishments for Nia Gwenda, with the hopes of continuing our efforts in the future, documenting our successes and stories, and improving our services to girls and their families. To read the document, you may find it here: Nia Gwenda: An Overview


Join the conversation, if you are a girl, parent or care provider wanting to learn more about our programming, email us at: ifaradainstitute@gmail.com. If you would like to share your Nia Gwenda girl story, please submit your comments at: Share your Story.

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Nia Gwenda is made for you! Learn more about our programs, join one of our sessions, or follow our initiatives!

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