Our History

Every story begins with a dream. Every African, Caribbean, Indigenous, and European individual, family and community has a story. A story that brought them here, to Canada, to Ontario, to Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. Some community members story is heard and told in classrooms, on television and movie screens, in music, and in intimate places in front of fireplaces and in books. The stories who do not make it to these venues are still important, valuable, and essential to our culture’s development and destiny.

When we reject the single story, and when we realize that there was never a single story about any place, we regain a sense of paradise

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Our Mission & Vision

We come here to tell stories…

At Ifarada: Centre for Excellence, we seek to tell the stories of African, Caribbean and Indigenous peoples (North & South America). We seek to build young people as strong bearers of our story, stronger leaders within our community, and strong characters thriving in mental health, personal relationships, and personal achievements.

Our Mission: The Ifarada: Center for Excellence, Leadership & Self-Determination aims to enlighten the stories and the rich culture to empower strength in African, Caribbean & Indigenous communities through innovative & responsive interventions.

Keys to Success

  • Our Board Member team & Executive Director exemplify strong leadership, expertise and knowledge within the community.
  • Our community resources and connections will support our ability to meet the needs of the Ifarada: Center of Excellence, as well as allow us to build momentum over a period of time successfully.
  • Specific targeting to oppression, anti-Black & anti-Indigenous racism, systemic barriers and disparities, and targeting approach around reducing disparities within the community by using resources within the community.
  • 100% volunteer based within the first few years until funding is achieved in multiple sectors. Our volunteers provide a wide range of tasks from Board oversight, to facilitating programs, to donating meals, and promoting Ifarada via social media.
  • Our approaches are:
    • Holistic
    • Culturally-Relevant & Responsive
    • Inclusive to all community members willing to learn & grow within the framework
    • Leadership & Learning-based approach
    • Empower youth & Build connections across generations.

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