Our Practice

The following are a list of our current and proposed projects & interventions. Our current projects are linked to our Programs & Services page for more information & registration details.

Leadership Programs

Coming Soon

Elder to Youth: Geared specifically for youth and elders (60+) and professional elders who focus upon providing individual leadership and guidance to youth.

Family Mentorship Programs: Connecting families-in-need with family mentors to support parents and build community connections.

Youth Internship Programs: job placement, life coaching, career shadowing, and individual guidance.


Accepting Registrations:

Nia Gwenda: Girls with Purpose group: for girls aged 12 to 21.

Wonderfully Made: mentorship & leadership program for girls aged 8 to 24.

Adrinkhene Male Youth Program: sports engagement, leadership & life skills group for boys aged 11 to 18.

Oshun Women’s Group: a woman-led support group with multiple focus areas.

Coming Soon:

Day camps: youth leadership and sports-related day camps throughout the summer.

Dance lessons: urban dance lessons for youth and adults, and competitive dance team.

Excellence through Learning

Accepting Registrations:

Workshops: providing psycho-education from a cultural perspective.

Literature: promoting books that reflect Afro & Indigenous writers.

Remedial Learning Programs: tutors in math, english, sciences & French language for most grades (fee based service).

Coming Soon:

Publications: Writings & curricula developed for Afrocentric & Indigenous cultures, elder’s stories, and history.

Advocacy: Developing and promoting legislation and funding to support communities and groups which are marginalized.

Fundraising and Scholarship Program: Supporting youth and adults attending post-secondary school programs.

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