Our Tenets

Ifarada: Centre for Excellence, Leadership and Self-Determination has three main tenets, which are guiding principles for the organization and its work within the community. Each principle leads to a grand description of our innovative interventions as defined in our Mission Statement.

Principle #1: Leadership

Strong leadership- The company is managed with strong leadership, African-inspired leaders with a history and understanding or anti-oppression, anti-Black racism and a passion to support our youth’s development.  We utilize our Elders (60+) as one of our strong leaders to mentor young people and provide leadership to those who have not been exposed to elder support.  We work with African-inspired professionals, business people and crafts people to connect with youth seeking employment and legitimate earning power.  This will support youth who are gang affiliated to seek alternative ways to earn financial resources to support their families. We use a holistic programming and consulting approach to identify and support healthy mental wellness and awareness.  Our strong facilitators are well grounded in alternate therapies which support African-communities such as art, music, drumming, dance, spoken word and more. For more information, visit: Our Leadership Programs

Principle #2: Self -Determination

In this 2nd principle, we utilize Group Programming and Workshops to build self-determination, empowerment and strength within the lives of young people.  Our interventions focus on achieving greater balance within the mind, body and soul.  Ifarada’s programs includes mentorship, life coaching, counselling and sports engagement designed to support individual growth, healing, education and awareness.  All programs are culturally-based and educational workshops designed to help improve knowledge in a specific area.  For more information, see Programs.

Principle #3: Excellence through Learning

In our final principle, we believe by educating our youth and building their confidence in their voice, their expertise and their experience we can then develop youth who can create better outcomes for their future generation.  Education Leadership focuses on key themes such as civic engagement, advocacy, leadership programs, mentorship, knowledge and development programs. For more information, see Education Leadership.

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