Upcoming Events

Learn more about our current& upcoming events, as well as our past accomplishments!

Upcoming Events

Virtual Support Groups

Connections can continue to be made with our virtual support groups. We are hosting our women’s and girl’s group programs.

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Oshun Women’s Group

Find your support, with us… What is your story? What is your journey? What happened to you? Has your life been touched with heartache, pain, violence, grief, loss, separation, abuse? Feeling alone? Join us. Join our support groups designed to meet your needs. As a psychotherapist and social worker, I have an unique position to […]

Youth Male Program: Adrinkehene

We are proud to announce our inaugural group for young males is starting this September 2019. Our male-focused leadership program is designed to support males aged 9 to 13 and 14 to 21 develop essential skills for success, including emotional intelligence, anger management, leadership, mentoring, sports engagement and physical development, and life-skill development. Designed for […]

Past Events

Wonderfully Made Girl

Our amazing girls aged 6 to 12 years old met online each week to discuss critical topics for our youth today!

  • Surviving COVID-19, loneliness and anxiety
  • Friendships and social skills
  • Transitioning back to school

For more information about wonderfully made, see our articles below and check out our coming soon website: wonderfullymadegirl.com

About Us: Wonderfully Made

Adrianna Perryman, Youth Board Member created Wonderfully Made. Our youth ambassador, intern therapist, and support team member Mariyam Zaidi developed: Wonderfully Made: Program Evaluation. Learn more about our program here: This is a program geared to provide mentorship for girls aged 8 to 12 years old with older young women from ages 16 to 21 […]

Wonderfully- Made

A program for girls aged 8 to 13 years old “Wonderfully Made”  is a peer mentorship program made to help girls of colour from the ages 8-13. Through “Wonderfully Made” we want to encourage girls of colour to BELIEVE in themselves, KNOWING that they are beautiful and OFFER girls a space to feel safe and […]

Nia Gwenda: Girls with Purpose

Join our Girls with Purpose group and explore female connection, support, and guidance. Our young women focus on building their skills in: healthy relationships, managing anxiety, unpacking race and equity, sexual identity and emotional regulation.

Further more, Nia Gwenda young women are encouraged to participate in intentional acts of “compassion” and “kindness”, and earn volunteer hours in the process.

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