Annual Reports

Promoting healthy families, embracing equity and celebrating diversity, cultivating resilience

Annual Reports for Ifarada is produced in July of each year as the results and feedback are tallied. They cover April 1 to March 31 for each year.

Current 2021-2022 Strategic Plan


Build our capacity and reach to the community. Nurture and enhance partnerships.


Enhance sustainability of resources, space, staffing, and community engagement.

Organizational Development

Enhance organizational development and leadership structure towards accreditation, best practices, and community leaders.


Strive towards enriching our journeys towards success and sustainability.

Action Items

  • Build partnerships and joint grant/funding ventures with community organizations
  • Increase service users through marketing initiatives, full staff and contractor complement
  • Achievement of $500,000 and more core or program funding for 2-6 years
  • Redesigned community space and access to community spaces available through partners
  • Active programs and groups 12 months in a year, and planned 2-5 years in advance

Annual Report

Access our annual report for 2020-2021

Share your feedback & participate

Consider sharing your feedback by participating in one of our focus groups. Volunteer and participate on our Board of Directors, or join a committee to help promote our work within the community.

Past Annual Reports

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