Promoting healthy families, embracing equity and celebrating diversity and resilience

About Us

With a focus on culturally informed, anti-oppressive practice, and holistic care, Ifarada is a leader in supporting Black, Indigenous, and people People of colour in the Durham Region. Ifarada is a not-for-profit, charitable organization designed to support holistic care, mental wellness and community enrichment.

Our focus is on a holistic approach to healing, wellness, and resiliency.

Our Mission

Through the integration of our history, our spiritual selves, trauma experiences, and cultural traditions, we strive to support communities to build strength, empower their visions and spark motivation to accomplish their goals. Our work is centered around culturally informed practice and is rooted in equity and inclusion.

Our Tenets

Ifarada: Centre for Excellence, has three main tenets, which are guiding principles for the organization and our work within the community. Each principle leads to a grand description of our innovative interventions as defined in our Mission Statement.
Principle #1


Principle #2


Principle #3

Excellence through Learning

Ifarada stands for youth, resilience, and excellence.  The name honours our grassroot efforts and support of marginalized communities. All of our programs and counselling services are provided by trained professionals and volunteers from diverse backgrounds, who have experienced similar challenges themselves and know how to relate to you.

Meet our Team

Our team is composed of professionals and volunteers from a cross-section of cultures, varied experiences, and different mental health and wellness educational backgrounds. All with a commitment to help and empower you and your family.

Meet The Board

Ifrada has a Board of Directors team who act as a support to the organization and the Chief Executive Officer. Membership ranges from 6 to 12 members and across varied backgrounds. We are proud to say that, 10-20% of our members are youth and young adults between 18 to 29 years old.
Emmanuel Asamoah
Community Worker
Elizabeth Evans
Social Worker
Lisa McGregor
Sophia Okeyere
Crisis Worker/Counsellor
Kaitlin Patrick
Administrative Manager
Okey Pauliocap
Contractor/ Business Owner
Adrianna Perrryman
Wonderfully Made Executive Director
Nicole Perryman
Social Worker/ Psychotherapist
Matthew Persad
Operations Worker
Tasia Richards
Social Media/Marketing

Opportunities Keep Sprouting Up

See yourself as part of our team? Ifarada is always looking for team members with varied experiences and backgrounds to help empower our community. Interested in making a difference? Believe in the many colours of the rainbow?

We want to hear from you - apply today!