About Us

Ifarada is a non-for-profit organization designed to support holistic care, mental wellness and community enrichment.

Our Mission

Our organization is founded on ancestral knowledge created by leaders and elders of our past. We acknowledge our connection with the spirit, faith, and spirituality. We recognize the impact of intergenerational trauma brought upon by systemic oppression, racism, and colonization. To heal, we incorporate our history, our spiritual self, our experience of trauma, and cultural practices, new and old, to create stronger people, stronger families, and stronger communities.

Our Strength

We value the harmony that exists within our body, mind, and spirit. Through the use of holistic healing we work to build our strengths, empower our visions, and spark motivation to achieve our outcomes. Our work is centered around culturally informed practice and is rooted in equity and inclusion.

Our Values

We aspire to support individuals, families and communities to demonstrate their power through healing, empowerment, resilience, and opportunities.

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Ifarada: Our Story

African-Canadian youth and families in Canada have had a rich history and culture from experiences of trans-Atlantic trade, to the freedom land, to mass immigration from Caribbean nations to refugees from war-torn African countries. These shifts in movement created disruptions in their community, furthering changing the landscape of knowledge, language, spirituality, and culture.  Centuries of disruptions and displacements have influenced the growth and wellness in African communities in Canada. The Ifarada Institute seeks to reclaim African culture, beliefs and values while supporting youth, adults and families enhance their cultural, social and mental wellness. …

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Our Practice

Ifarada: Centre for Excellence has a Board of Directors team who act as a support to the organization and the Chief Executive Officer. The membership ranges from 6 to 12 members. Ten to twenty percent of the membership consists of youth ages 18 to 29 years old. Interested in joining our Board of Directors team? Submit application online Board Requirements An understanding and desire to support a Black-led organization and holistic approach A willingness to support the organization with letters of support, written description of bios, and advocacy amongst self community An eagerness…

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