Black Mental Health

Members of the Black Community require a specialized intervention for mental health that not only addresses the person & their symptoms, but also addresses the external factors such as anti-Black racism, systemic oppression, barriers, microaggression, biases, and intergenerational trauma that influences their mental well being.

Black community members experience disproportionate representation in the media, in the education system, in the criminal system, and child welfare system. We understand that a unique service delivery model that encompasses culture, oppression, spiritual practices, and healing interventions will effectively address, empower, and create ally-ship within the community.

Let’s us join you on your healing journey….

Our philosophy centers on these beliefs:

Spirituality: we are all connected on this planet, in our bodies, our souls and our mind.

Physical: our physical bodies require our attunement mindfulness to remain healthy and stress-free.

Emotional: our expression of emotions, connections with others, and attachment

Knowledge & Wisdom which inspires us, guides our journey, and enhances our knowledge base

Mental wellness & mindfulness

Achieving mental wellness also includes addressing stigma that correlates mental wellness with weakness. You are not weak, you are whole.

Mental wellness is not an “illness” and disease that inflicts only a few people. Mental well being is a part of our core being. We are shaped by our history, our upbringing and how we were raised, our experiences of trauma and intergenerational trauma, and this nurturing has developed our perceptions of ourselves, our relationships with others, and our identities. If we spend time on healing and focusing on our mental well being, as we do with our careers, our professional lives, our finances, our physical bodies and our family, we can live more successful, meaningful journeys in the version of ourselves that we accept, love and cherish.

Holistic Approaches

Our psychotherapists use an African-centered approach to understanding the interconnection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. An adaptation to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy incorporates key principles of Mindfulness, and emotional regulation. In addition, DBT includes developing skills in parent-youth interactions, securing healthy interpersonal relationships, and improving distress tolerance.

Emotion-focused therapies help to connect individuals based on their emotional awareness, attachment, and gives special attention to relational patterns and early attachment relationships.

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