Ifarada, a Black-Led Grassroots Organization

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of our community & improve our outcomes. Our African-Canadian youth are growing up in the world where culture and identity continues to remain dynamic and acquiescent.  Cultural identity is as crucial to the development of self as much as other factors such as gender, sexual identity, personality and self-esteem (Ishwaran, 1979).  Research demonstrates that during adolescence, young … Continue reading Ifarada, a Black-Led Grassroots Organization

Culturally-Based Leadership Programs

Ifarada is proud to develop culturally-based leadership programs for youth of color. Be Proud, Cultivate Your Identity, Build Your Confidence Our Leadership Program is designed to support young people to connect with their cultural identity, and identities around the world. We want to celebrate our identity not defined but North America, but defined by our culture and heritage. Be Proud… be open to talk about … Continue reading Culturally-Based Leadership Programs

Ifarada: Our Story

African-Canadian youth and families in Canada have had a rich history and culture from experiences of trans-Atlantic trade, to the freedom land, to mass immigration from Caribbean nations to refugees from war-torn African countries. These shifts in movement created disruptions in their community, furthering changing the landscape of knowledge, language, spirituality, and culture.  Centuries of disruptions and displacements have influenced the growth and wellness in … Continue reading Ifarada: Our Story