10 Culturally-Focused Activities for Youth

Seeking to engage youth in a culturally-informed and focused approach? The following 10 activities were developed from one of our child and youth workers.

African Dance

Activity #1: African Dance

Watched a Youtube dance of how to follow this cultural dance.

Enhancing our understanding of rights & experiences of groups of people

Activity 2: Discussion of Nature and Respect for Indigenous Peoples

Activity 3: Host a questions and answer about how the Indigenous people were not respected and talked about why this was the case.

Learn and understand the diverse cultures that exist within our communities and country

Activity 4: Learn facts and history about Korea.

Activity 5: Ask youth to share their cultural experiences and share knowledge about their experiences.

Activity 6: Try new ways or understanding of healing. For example, explore how chakras work and integrate with our healing.

Create spaces for healing through meditation, mindfulness and guided discoveries

Activity #7: Guided imagery about how the youth feels about themselves. Focus on one thing they enjoy or what they are proud of. Explore statements that they may have about themselves.

Activity #8: Using colour therapy, focusing on how the colour plays an influential role. Create another colour therapy session that paints a picture of something that represents your culture and your identity.

Activity #9: Engage participants in a free-range art project where the youth draws what comes to mind.

Activity #10: Create a visual montage or collage of different facts and photos about our culture, what we enjoy, what we are proud of, and what we are seeking to learn more about.