Anxiety & Moods

Nia Gwenda: Girls with Purpose began in 2013 developed from Girl Talk (organized in 2007). Through the past few years, Nia Gwenda and the many facilitators have supported hundreds of girls and young women. We have learned over the years that girl-facilitated and filled groups have a powerful way of supporting girls through their difficult experiences and developing healthy relationships. Anxiety-Reduction skills based programs… One … Continue reading Anxiety & Moods

An Invitation for Partners

We want to build community partnerships to help our grassroots organizations grow. Our community partners can assist us with: Financial Support Spacing for Programs Youth placement and job opportunities Mentoring opportunities Facilitating workshops Letters of Support For more information, email us at: We are pleased to announce our non-for-profit agency, Ifarada is hosting a series of youth and family programs for African-Canadian, people of … Continue reading An Invitation for Partners

Culturally-Based Leadership Programs

Ifarada is proud to develop culturally-based leadership programs for youth of color. Be Proud, Cultivate Your Identity, Build Your Confidence Our Leadership Program is designed to support young people to connect with their cultural identity, and identities around the world. We want to celebrate our identity not defined but North America, but defined by our culture and heritage. Be Proud… be open to talk about … Continue reading Culturally-Based Leadership Programs

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Call for Mentors & Leaders

Ifarada is seeking YOU, youth mentors and leaders to join one or more of our fantastic culturally-based, inclusive, and social justice programs. BOARD MEMBERS Seeking to develop your leadership skills in grassroots, emerging organization? Here at Ifarada, we are looking for a few good youth aged 15 to 24 years old who is interested in volunteering on our Board, helping make decisions on programs and … Continue reading Call for Mentors & Leaders

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Wonderfully- Made

A program for girls aged 8 to 13 years old “Wonderfully Made”  is a peer mentorship program made to help girls of colour from the ages 8-13. Through “Wonderfully Made” we want to encourage girls of colour to BELIEVE in themselves, KNOWING that they are beautiful and OFFER girls a space to feel safe and included with their peers. Adrianna Perryman, Youth Advocate Board Member … Continue reading Wonderfully- Made