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Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services provides consultation services to organizations, caregivers, and graduate interns.

With a dedication to equity, and anti-oppressive practice, Aset Group is making strides in innovative and responsive approach to training and consultations.

Aset Group provides leadership in equity training and leadership, providing education to parents, caregivers, and businesses on child and youth development, and training in clinical practice and supervision.

Inspiring Change within your Organization

Consultation Services

Equity Training & Leadership

Evidence demonstrates that systemic racism exists within organizations in Canada, which leads to low outcomes for racialized youth and families. All organizations are encouraged to examine their policies & practices using an anti-oppressive framework.

Caregiver Education

Parenting did not come with a manual for parents and caregivers. Our webinars, in-class training, and articles are designed to support you with innovative, informative, and current information on parenting.

Clinical Practice & Supervision

Clinicians seeking our practice model hope to achieve full practice training on providing psychotherapy and counselling services.

Why Equity Leadership?

I don’t want to be included. Instead, I want to question who created the standard in the first place. After a lifetime of embodying difference, I have no desire to be equal. I want to deconstruct the structural power of a system that marked me out as different. I don’t wish to be assimilated into the status quo. I want to be liberated from all the negative assumptions that my characteristics bring. The same onus is not on me to change. Instead it’s the world around me.

Reni Eddo-Lodge, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

Great leaders aspire to promote success and genuine greatness within their team. They can sit with uncomfortable conversations, and can create changes within that encourages their growth and inspires their team to grow.

― Nicole Perryman

Our Articles

Articles on Equity

The Importance of Equity Leadership

This opinion paper discusses the need for leaders to take the initiative to develop equity within their organization.

Equity in Canada

The reality on the Canadian experience for racialized and Indigenous people in Canada.

Implementing Equity-Based Framework

Identifying key strategies and interventions essential for integrating equity within the organization framework.

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