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Our wellness team is skilled in holistic, strength-based, and anti-oppressive practices. We will support your family and yourself (an individual) to address the crisis you experience in your life.

Meeting you where you are at. Healthy interventions to reduce crisis.

In April 2020, we initiated the Family Outreach and Intervention program. This program is appropriate for parents, guardians, caregivers and youth who are struggling in areas of their life.

The program focuses on providing in-house or immediate support to identify the pressing needs in the family or with the individual. Following this, we provide crisis intervention and solutions that help to address the challenge, and develop a plan to sustain change within the family. This may include counselling, referrals to appropriate agency support, mentorship and other interventions.

As with all of our programs, our support is not time limited and we work with you, our funders, and private sources to ensure we can commit the time, support and guidance you require in your situation.

Family Outreach

In-Home & Virtual Visits

Solution-focused Interventions


Holistic Approaches

Possible Support Services

Child Welfare Involvement
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A member of the child welfare team has reached out to your family to complete an assessment due to concerns due to abuse and neglect. Contact our team to attend the initial meeting with you, or prep you for the meeting, or debrief the meeting together. Discuss ways to support your family heal after the visit, and re-establish family stability.

Parent-teen Conflict & Issues
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Your young person is struggling with leaving the house without permission, drug us, involvement in criminal activity or human trafficking, incessant family arguments, or isolation from the family unit. There are many more situations which may occur within the parent-child dynamic, and we are here to help. Contact our team to assist with diffusing the conflict, addressing plans to address the challenges, and to follow up with you in regards to developing strategies and support.

Education and your child
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In March 2020, the global pandemic changed the way your child experienced school and learn. Many children experienced varying degrees of success or difficulties. We can help. Contact us if your family is experiencing a strain with the new normal, and we can help create action plans and establish healthy ways of living together.

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