Usalama: Safer Families Program

Usalama: Safer Families thrives to reinforce safe and healthy relationships.

Enhancing the lives of women and girls

Ifarada: Centre for Excellence is proud to offer, “Usalama” [safety] Safer Families Program. This program focuses on providing family outreach services to women and girls requiring safety, healthy relationships, and guidance.

The Uslama Safer Families Program was funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation for the first six months. Through this program, many families, women and girls experienced transitions throughout their life experiences.

Usalama Programs and Services

What We Do


Virtual and in-person outreach and solution-focused therapy to support families impacted by intimate partner violence, child protection concerns, and family conflict.


Virtual support group for women and girls aged 16 years old and up, designed to teach healthy relationship skills, understand intimate partner violence, and improve boundaries and safety.


Virtual and in-class workshops and webinars designed for girls on healthy relationships, understanding intimate partner violence, reinforcing safety, and emotional regulation.

What are our goals?

Through the support of the Safer & Stronger Families Grant provided by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, we are proud to offer usalama: Safer Families Program.

6-8 weeks

Support Group Length


Types of Workshops Offered

20 sessions

Family Outreach


Women, girls and families supported

Program Principles and Philosophy

Women and girls experience gender-based violence and inequities within their homes, communities, and region. COVID-19 has heightened concerns of intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and unsafe conditions for women. Black, Indigenous, and people of color are at greater risk due to racism, inequity, gender inequality, and lack of culturally-safe resources. This program is grounded in creating “safety” for families through outreach, advocacy, and prevention. The program uses a culturally relevant, trauma-informed, and equity-based program that is geared towards the unique needs of our community.

  • Trauma-Informed Practice: Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour experience inequity within Canadian systems that reinforce distrust and fear with service providers. In addition, intergenerational traumatic experiences are inherent within culture that has reinforced harmful values and beliefs about women and gender roles.
  • Culturally-Relevant: African and Indigenous culture is rich in healing methods that focus on a holistic and reciprocal approach to healing, wellness, and understanding.
  • Empowerment: Ifarada’s programs are client-centered and developed by women with lived experiences due to their gender and sexual identity, their culture, and ethnicity. The focus is on cultivating the strength women possess for their healing.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellence through Knowledge”

Defining and understanding healthy relationships, and inspiring women to seek and acquire knowledge that will help them choose and support loving and helpful relationships for themselves.

I learn, I understand

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellence through Support”

Guiding women and girls to draw support and love from each other, inspiring them to hold each other in kindness, and building attachments with therapeutic support.

I am not alone, I belong

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellence through Capacity-Building”

Assessing family conflict, intimate partner violence, and health situations to reinforce safety and healthy communication within the family. Promoting a warm, loving, and supportive family environment, and actively healing intergenerational pain and trauma.

I am great because we are

Learn more about healthy relationships and families

Register Now for March-April 2022 Sessions

Healthy Relationships Small Group Sessions (May 2022)… Coming Soon

Re-cap Healthy Relationship Session 101

Topics: Building a Foundation (Nov. 2), Healthy Intimacy (Nov. 9), Intergenerational Patterns (Nov. 16), Unhealthy Relationships and Violence (Nov. 23), and Loving yourself (Nov. 30).

Time of sessions: 6pm

Healthy Relationships Series Part II

Register Now for our upcoming Healthy Relationship Series. This weekly discussion using a meeting room is designed to provide informative discussion, strategies for developing a healthy relationship and, education.

Topics include the foundation of relationships, building stronger connections, healthy boundaries, intimacy, intergenerational trauma, violence in relationships, and loving yourselves.

Every Wednesday from 6pm – 7: 30pm. No registration required.


Ifarada values your feedback, thoughts, and outcomes received from one or more of our programs. Your feedback helps us to guide interventions to ensure that our content and delivery are relevant to you and your life. The feedback shared is confidential, and highlights of the feedback are shared with the facilitators and posted on our website.

Usalama Program Feedback

Enter your feedback and thoughts in our confidential form, or contact us to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.

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