Cultural Programs

Reinforcing culturally informed and relevant knowledge that supports holistic wellness, family wellbeing, individual growth, and community development.

Learn about our emerging ideas and programs on African, Caribbean, Afro-Canadian, Indigenous, and Afro-Indigenous cultural programs.

Celebrate culture, art, music, screativity, dance, food, and more.

Artistic Expression

Artistic expression is using arts to express oneself through art, music, dance, graphic design and more. Ifarada is creating opportunities to demonstrate the diversity in culture through developing programs which exemplify identity and promote pride.


Ifarada promotes the importance of music in healing through the instrumental and words that guide the expression.


Much of our histories, our experiences, and our stories are told through storytelling. This is passed down further throughout generations. Colonialization has restricted the ability of our stories to be told through history and written word. However, our stories have passed down through language.


“Emancipation from mental slavery” as sung by Robert N. Marley enhances our understanding of our history can enhance cultural and racial pride.


Culture is further passed down from generation to generation through food. Food brings people together in celebration, and builds connection. Connection promotes healing through building confidence, restoring relationships, promoting knowledge, and cultural pride.


Celebrations reaffirm culture, identity and growth.

Whatever we believe about ourselves and our ability comes true for us.

Susan Taylor

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As we begin to grow and develop this program, Ifarada is seeking a cultural director and community engagement. This director position helps to guide and promote the development of an affluent cultural program, draws collaboration with community partners, and reinforces the awareness of cultural programming that promotes Africentric, Indigenous, and diverse identities.

Learn more about Ifarada: Centre for Excellence

Healthy Relationship Series #2

The healthy relationship series course focuses on developing relationship and communication skills to enhance family and partner functioning, and reduce violence and unhealthy relationships.

Raising Healthy Children

One of my favorite pleasures in my life experience was raising my daughter and over 30 foster children.  Children have the unique opportunity to learn, to grow and to fashion a world in their minds which shapes their development into adulthood.  As a play therapist, social worker, and parent trainer, there are several suggestions I […]

Civic Engagement

When young people are given the tools to use their voice, to advocate for their future, and engage within the political, socioeconomic, environmental, and health of their lives, they become powerful beyond measure In 2020, we saw the rise of civic engagement as young people marched the streets promoting #BlackLivesMatter. The momentum towards change is not […]

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