Group Programs

ASET GROUP CONSULTING & COUNSELLING SERVICES hosts group programs for men, youth, and women on a monthly basis.  Our group programs are an unique blend of psychotherapy, psyco-education and empowerment sessions.

adult-beautiful-close-up-773371Our women’s group is a supportive group.

The goal of the group is to provide a safe, supportive environment for women to feel free to express themselves, talk and learn how to create a greater balance in their lives. Some of the group topics range from maintaining healthy relationships with others. Managing everyday stress and anxiety, mindfulness training, and self-esteem building. For more information click: Oshun Women’s Group. 

niagwendaNia Gwenda

…is a girls program designed to empower and guide participants through adolescence. Through Nia Gwenda, girls learn positive ways to manage life difficulties, develop solutions for addressing bulling, learn strategies to manage school and anxiety, develop skills to communicate with others, and enhance personal relationships. For more information on upcoming programs click: Nia Gwenda

children1Children social groups…

helps children with difficulties getting along with others, social anxiety, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Neurological Disorders and more develop positive connections with others, learn social skills, develop empathy, gain insight on boundaries, enhance their communication skills and improve their overall connections with others.

community-enjoying-facial-expression-936006Journey of a King- male youth ritual program (Adrinkene) Youth Program

Our unique men’s program is focused upon supporting young boys as they journey into adulthood.  Our unique programs are designed to uplift, educate, inspire and encourage young men to choose healthy paths for their lives, to manage their emotions in healthy ways, and to develop meaningful relationships within their family and community.  For more information about us and our upcoming programs, please click: Journey of a King Adrinkene Boys Program.

Our organization provides talks on mental wellness and culturally appropriate clinical interventions.
Check out our past talk on Rogers Health Matters with Theresa Fraser:

We are pleased to launch our online webinars for parents, individuals and other community members dealing with specific issues and challenges. We offer a new topic each month, and participants chose to attend groups remotely by their cellphone or through video conferencing. The webinars are another option of providing accessible, affordable and responsive care.

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