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We strive to think beyond health as disease protection. Our desire is to connect our health with our overall wellness. The same is true for mental health and illness. We envision mental health as mental wellness. As wellness therapists and counsellors, we hope to teach our service users on how to best support a healthy state of being, emotional stability, and mental wellness. Holistic care is one of our tenets for healing.

Holistic Care Practices

In Indigenous and African cultures, wellness is a state of being which individuals can access. There is an unique respect for the land and nature, a connection with divine purpose and wisdom, and engagement in practices and rituals to achieve inner peace. In psychotherapy and counselling, we incorporate these beliefs into assessing your daily life and experiences, your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and others, and any misguiding and pain that you hold within. If you are coming from a place where you wish to seek wellness, our tools and guidance focus on wellness based on your body, soul, mind and heart. If you are holding pain, our guidance for your healing speaks to creating greater balance and addressing hurt contained in your body, soul, mind and heart.

Internal and External Wellness

Our bodies can hold pain, our memories, our traumatic experiences, and our past. Strategies for healing: EMDR, music, touch (i.e. massage therapies, safe touch), positive experiences, swimming, prayer, meditation, yoga, Tai-Chi, boxing, running, exercise.

Minds, soul and heart… Our minds are powerful. Our memories, our past, our traumatic experiences are interpreted and perceived by our minds. Our minds can influence how perceptions of ourselves, our worlds, and our experiences. Feed your mind with the right ingredients to build your wellness. Strategies for healing: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, psychoeducation, journalling, other counselling practices, elder/mentor connections. Our souls are our spiritual connection to ourselves, others, and the universe. Many of us forget to fuel this unique parts of our being in our journey of life. However, doing so, brings us peace. Peace of mind, of our heart, and our bodies. Strategies for healing: meditation, church or mosque, elder/mentorship, retreats, prayer, sweat lodge, smudging.

Healing your heart…

Our heart is the core centre of our feelings. We store our emotions, whereby they are happy, sad, shame, disappointment, and hurt within our heart. Our hearts are connected to our nervous system, which is within our brains, and which carries throughout our body. This means, that when we feel sad or angry, our bodies feel sadness and anger, our thoughts feel the same sadness or anger, and our memories bring us back to the moments where we felt sad or anger. Healing is a complicated intricate process, where we can achieve through our wellness. Strategies for healing our hearts: engaging in healing our bodies, mind, and soul, positive experiences, psychotherapy and counselling, supportive friends and family, children.

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