Kujenga Family Program

For many years, we have worked with families who have been separated due to child welfare concerns to reunite in a healthy way.  Research and therapeutic models have informed best practices on how to reintegrate families to promote, healthy attachment, positive skills, and strong parenting. We also know that some families, impacted by racism and systemic oppression experience greater barriers to reconnecting.  Many of these families experience a disconnection, not only from each other but their cultural and social practices.  The Kujenga program was designed to address those issues by using a cultural lens approach to reunification.

Kujenga Family Reunification & Restoration Program

family3At Aset Group, we have developed programs to enhance and improve family relationships as well as work with child welfare to reduce disparities in our communities.

Uniquely designed for families involved in child welfare, kin families and divorced/separated families.

The Kujenga family healing and reunification program provides an in-depth family analysis, psycho-social assessment, and recommendations for service.

We all strive for a world where there is equity and fairness provided to everyone regardless of their identity, race, ability or any difference.

We strive to believe that parents want the best for their children.

We understand that oppression exists within our society, that mental health problems impact 25 per cent of the population, and that there are other mitigating factors which influence can families.

We offer supervision of the family reunification visits, attachment-related parenting support and counselling, and psycho-education on how to address multi-systemic issues.

Through our intervention we facilitate case consultations and case conferences to help reduce barriers between the family, support transparency and connection with community resources.  ​

We refer family member for individual and family counselling, if needed to address mental health and/or any other identified need which impacts the desired outcome for treatment. Our clinical support includes parent intervention and attachment work to build relationships within the family.

We work in collaboration with the family to organize a family reunification plan geared to support the child return to family home.

To submit a referral, email us today at: info@asetgroup.ca

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