A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives

At Ifarada: Centre for Excellence, we are building a generation of resilient, healthy leaders to forge a new journey.

Mzee : Elder to Youth

Mzee program focuses on building community through connecting our elders with young people designed to pass on culture, wisdom, guidance and support.

Professional Mentorship Program

Our youth and young people can achieve success through the connection with professionals and mentors within their field.

Wonderfully Made

Our mentorship program is geared to support our young women to receive mentorship and support in their journey.

Parenting Support

Our parenting mentorship model is geared to support parents redevelop their parenting skills, while addressing intergenerational trauma, culture, isolation, and systemic issues.

Consider becoming a parent ally

Culturally-Informed Mentorship Programs

Our young people need mentors that look like them, and demonstrate success for them. Whether it is an individual program, or group program, our mentorship is designed to support our young people achieve the goals they wish for their lives.

Young Queens

A group supporting young girls to be their best selves

Rites of Passage Programs

Guiding youth on their journey to adulthood.

S.T.E.M Program

Providing opportunities for youth to engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics program.

Adrinkahene Leadership Programs

Adrinkahene (ah- drink- a- hen- aye) means GREATNESS, CHARISMA, AND LEADERSHIP. Our programs are designed to support young boys to emerge as leaders with healthy emotional intelligence, leadership skills, vision/purpose, collaboration and cooperation skills, and social skills.

Consider joining as a mentor

Be the change you wish to see in your community

Join our organization as a mentor, professional or business.

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