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Nea Onnim No Sua a, ohu- He who does not know can know from learning

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Pickering, ON L1Z 1R3

We know the statistics. Black youth experience more challenges while navigating Ontario’s school system and learning within the school curriculum.

Our Learning Village is creating spaces for youth to reach their potential, build their self-esteem and engage learning in an interactive way. Our Education Director will complete an initial assessment based on grade level, socio-emotional functioning, and motivation. Youth are matched with an educator support who will guide them through their learning journey. Youth and parents are encouraged to participate in similar programs to focus on building self-esteem and confidence, and supporting healthy development and behaviour for parents.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Marianne Willamson

Culturally Responsive, Empowerment based & Learning Resilient programs. Consider Ifarada: Centre for Excellence for your child or youth.

Programs For Children & Youth
Literacy Programsfocused on Black literature supporting youth to learn and engage in literature that represents them.
Technology Programsfocused on teaching Black youth how to navigate technology systems & create artistic pieces.
Homework Remedial Programs- bring your homework, assignments, and school activities to focus on re-learning concepts & closing the learning gap.
Math Literacy Programs: advance on your math literacy and knowledge, fill learning gaps, and enhance your current skills with fun, interactive games for learners.
Early Learning Programs: build your child’s reading skills, fill gaps in reading, and prepare your child for kindergarten.
College & University: receive hands-on support to apply to University, College and post-secondary programs

Building opportunities for our children’s success...

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Whether it is group classes or online learning library, our learning village is designed to support your child’s learning and growth.

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