Nia Gwenda

Nia Gwenda is a girls program designed to empower and guide participants through adolescence. Through Nia Gwenda, girls learn positive ways to manage life difficulties, develop solutions for addressing bulling, learn strategies to manage school and anxiety, develop skills to communicate with others, and enhance personal relationships.

attractive beautiful beauty cuteWe have had the privilege of running our girls group since 2007 and throughout that time has serviced over 100 young women.  Many of our early attendees are now women in their late 20s.

The girls group is run by facilitators who provide the topics and activities for each 6 or 10 week session.  The girls determine the engagement, the level of intimacy shared amongst the group members and its overall success.  Our girls have reported significant changes in their experiences of anxiety, depression, social isolation, suicidal thoughts, self-harm and an improvement in their self-esteem and relationships with others.

The struggle is real…

Many young people experience difficulties as they emerge into adulthood.  Girls strugglecr=w_223,h_223 (1) with the desire to connect with their peers, to fit in, and to get along with others.  Other girls noted that they don’t believe they are beautiful, smart and talented, and note that there are pressures from their peers and family members to fit a perception about their identity.  Girls identify struggling with issues such as:

anxiety, depression, body image, eating disorders, self- harm, sexual identity, gender identity, cultural difficulties, religious pressures, racism, and so much more.

use your voice…

Through Nia Gwenda, we encourage girls to use their voice and teach them how to advocate for themselves.  To develop a platform to have their needs met in a healthy way, and to promote emotional and mental wellness.

Coming this September 2018…

Nia Gwenda starts this fall for a 10 week group for girls 11- 14 years old & 15-21 years old.

To register or find out more information, please email us at:

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