We believe by educating our youth and building their confidence in their voice, their expertise and their experience we can then develop youth who can create better outcomes for their future generation.

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Equity and Inclusion

With “seed” grants and community partnerships, the “Mate Masie” Equity Project is developing curriculum courses and programs for youth, children, families and professionals.

Kusoma Reading Circle

The Kusoma Reading Circle is a virtual summer reading club designed for children and youth who LOVE reading, or who need encouragement to engage in the wonderful world of reading.

NEAO Learning Centre

Nea Onnim No Sua a, ohu- He who does not know can know from learning.

Explore our programs designed for children and youth in elementary and high school, as well as those entering post-secondary education. All programs are embedded with cultural integrity, values, and perspectives that are built on principles of equity, inclusion, and empowerment.

When young people are given the tools to use their voice, to advocate for their future, and engage within the political, socioeconomic, environmental, and health of their lives, they become powerful beyond measure.
 Nicole Perryman