Ifarada: Our Story

African-Canadian youth and families in Canada have had a rich history and culture from experiences of trans-Atlantic trade, to the freedom land, to mass immigration from Caribbean nations to refugees from war-torn African countries. These shifts in movement created disruptions in their community, furthering changing the landscape of knowledge, language, spirituality, and culture.  Centuries of disruptions and displacements have influenced the growth and wellness in … Continue reading Ifarada: Our Story

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Call for Mentors & Leaders

Ifarada is seeking YOU, youth mentors and leaders to join one or more of our fantastic culturally-based, inclusive, and social justice programs. BOARD MEMBERS Seeking to develop your leadership skills in grassroots, emerging organization? Here at Ifarada, we are looking for a few good youth aged 15 to 24 years old who is interested in volunteering on our Board, helping make decisions on programs and … Continue reading Call for Mentors & Leaders

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Wonderfully- Made

A program for girls aged 8 to 13 years old “Wonderfully Made”  is a peer mentorship program made to help girls of colour from the ages 8-13. Through “Wonderfully Made” we want to encourage girls of colour to BELIEVE in themselves, KNOWING that they are beautiful and OFFER girls a space to feel safe and included with their peers. Adrianna Perryman, Youth Advocate Board Member … Continue reading Wonderfully- Made