Girls learn to see themselves in older girls. Through mentor-ship and representation, we teach girls to love themselves, their identity and their bodies.

Wonderfully Made

Our lives can have some unexpected twists and turns, and we can experience difficulties with self-image, our bodies, anxiety, substance use and more. Through a support network, we learn skills to manage life’s ups and downs

Nia Gwenda, Adrinkehene

Join our therapeutic adult groups addressing significant life experiences such as relationships, anxiety, depression, coping skills, and work-life balances.

Oshun, Adrinkehene

Ifarada: Means Resilience

The community and the group is a powerful resource for building resilience in individual’s lives, once impacted by intergenerational trauma, systemic oppression and grief/loss. Group programs create community support and allegiance much greater than expected.

Better Outcomes, Greater Advocacy, Stronger Support

We walk in our journeys, not alone, but with others.

The support exists within our groups. Our families. Our community. Our ancestors. Our culture and our faith.

Our group programs are designed to support and enrich youth and adults in achieving wellness in their lives. Our healing intricately connected with each other.

In-School Programs for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour

Evening Group Programs

Group programs are specific to families, youth or individuals with shared experiences and journeys. 

Our girls group focuses upon building self-esteem, addressing trauma, and treating emotional regulation skills (i.e. anger management), and our male leadership program supports young men to develop leadership specific skills. Our women’s empowerment group focuses on building women’s capacity to heal, develop supportive networks, and generate change in their lives.

Our open programming is culturally-based and educational workshops designed to help improve knowledge in a specific area, such as: violence prevention for parents, cultural awareness for youth, anti-Black racism and Black Lives Matter program for youth and much more.

We promote and invest in programs that focus on building skill development, such as anger management courses, co-parenting courses, healthy relationship course, self-esteem building and therapeutic groups. These certificate programs seek to improve competency in particular areas, and address change needed within lives.

Starting July 2020, we operated virtual groups for youth and adults. Building community connection. Strengthening our youth and adults. Supporting healthier outcomes.

Learn more about our groups or request a group.

Ifarada: Centre of Excellence’s Groups

Oshun Women’s Group

Find your support, with us… What is your story? What is your journey? What happened to you? Has your life been touched with heartache, pain, violence, grief, loss, separation, abuse? Feeling alone? Join us. Join our support groups designed to meet your needs. As a psychotherapist and social worker, I have an unique position to […]

About Us: Wonderfully Made

Adrianna Perryman, Youth Board Member created Wonderfully Made. Our youth ambassador, intern therapist, and support team member Mariyam Zaidi developed: Wonderfully Made: Program Evaluation. Learn more about our program here: This is a program geared to provide mentorship for girls aged 8 to 12 years old with older young women from ages 16 to 21 […]

Youth Male Program: Adrinkehene

We are proud to announce our inaugural group for young males is starting this September 2019. Our male-focused leadership program is designed to support males aged 9 to 13 and 14 to 21 develop essential skills for success, including emotional intelligence, anger management, leadership, mentoring, sports engagement and physical development, and life-skill development. Designed for […]

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