Askira Girls

Askira Girls is a group developed for girls ages 4 to 12 years old, focusing on self-esteem building, social skill development, and emotional regulation.

Designed to embrace your “inner warrior”

Askira Girls is a therapeutic group focused on supporting our girls build their self esteem, self love, togetherness and connection, mindfulness, creativity and celebration!


Askira Girls

Askira Girls is designed for girls ages 4 to 12 years old. It is a therapeutic, supportive group that provides a safe environment, and teaches social and life skills.

Askira Girls is supported by wellness therapists, and facilitators specializing in working with individuals and families, and with building inner capacities.

Askira Girls is held virtually and in-person , over 4 to 8 weeks.

Why Programming for Girls?

Women and girls experience gender-based discrimination and violence. In their daily life, girls have to address significant issues such as peer pressure, low self-esteem, low body image, bullying, and so much more. Girls programming focus on empowering girls to develop their self-identity and pride in themselves. Research shows that when girls engage in group programs, they experience heighten self-esteem, stronger cultural pride and identity, manage their emotions better, and make healthier decisions for themselves.

Askira Girls supports girls to….

Build confidence

Girls who have strong confidence are able to pursue healthy activities and interests; they feel inspired and their self-worth grows

Build social skills

Girls who have strong social skills learn to become better friends, resists peer pressure, and treats other girls with kindness and love

Build emotional skills

Girls learn how to express their emotions in a positive way, they learn how to recognize how they feel in their bodies, and they learn how to listen and respect other girls and their emotions


ASKIRA GIRLS ARE HELD 3-4 TIMES PER YEAR. New groups start September, November & January, April and July.

Askira Girls

Designed for girls ages 4 to 12 years old. The focus of Askira Girls is on building confidence, social skill development, and emotional support. Askira girls is ideal for all girls, but can provide tremendous support for girls experiencing family conflict, grief/loss, divorce/separation, bullying, and organic disorders such as ADHD, and autism. Askira Girls is led by a wellness therapist, child and youth worker, and/or skilled professionals. Each group is tailored to meet the needs of the girls within the group. Groups are held once per week for up to eight weeks. A closure report is provided at the close of group highlighting the girls strength and activities throughout the group.


Virtually on Zoom

On Location: at the Holistic Centre of Wellness [coming soon], schools, and community centres

Suggested times

Groups are held between 4pm to 7pm, for 60-90 minutes.

Group Length

Varies from 4-8 weeks

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