Nia Gwenda

Girls with Purpose: Therapeutic group for girls focused on emotional regulation, self-esteem building, and life skills development.

Nia Gwenda, started in 2009 is a successful group for girls designed to support their transition into adolescence and in adulthood.

Why Nia Gwenda?

Nia Gwenda is our preteen girls’ group for ages 11 and up. The purpose of Nia Gwenda is to bring young girls together to develop a community to have a space to share their unique experiences and to learn from one another.

How Nia Gwenda supports girls?

Adolescence can be a challenging, confusing, and diverse time to navigate. This is due to emotional, physical, and cognitive growth, while also meeting new people and balancing different situations and managing new responsibilities. How we react to new challenges and struggles is important to navigate when it comes to our behaviours and social interactions.

Nia Gwenda’s focus

Nia Gwenda focuses on working through different ways to cope with emotions and developing new skills to implement in daily routines. Enriching young girls with skills to be confident, courageous and strong leaders in their community is imperative to the success and continuation of Nia Gwenda.

Nia Gwenda provides support, skills training, cultural awareness and mental wellness for girls.  The group supports youth develop connections with other group members, provide a space for them to address difficult challenges in their lives, and assistance to deal with mood and behavior difficulties. 

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Understanding Nia Gwenda

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Nia Gwenda: Girls with Purpose

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