Request for Proposals! Research Team

September 16, 2023

Ifarada is developing a new program focused on prevention and intervention for youth and
their families involved within the criminal justice system. This program is a multi-sectoral
community-driven direct intervention project that focuses on supporting identified
priority youth population, such as Black and Indigenous youth and their families. As part of
the program, Ifarada is hiring 4 youth-led positions to support, enrich, and enhance the

Program Position:

Ifarada is seeking a researcher or a research team to assist with analyzing and assessing
the success of Ifarada’s programs to children and youth. The researcher will work with the
team to develop assessment tools and pre- and post surveys for service users.

The researcher will assist with developing individual and group focus groups on an annual basis,
with the support of the team. The researcher will analyze the data collected, and prepare a
summary report on an annual basis. The research team:

● Have an understanding of anti-Black racism and other issues that impact the lives of
Black and racialized children, youth and families.
● Understanding of how prosocial activities promote engagement in healthy and safe
activities, Education and employment outcomes by enhancing employment skills,
promoting education, and addressing difficulties in school and work settings.
● Engage youth and families in group and individual setting to complete focus groups.

The Research team duties include but are not limited to preparing research and summary
reports, analyzing statistical data, facilitating focus groups, and working with a diverse
group of staff team members.


● Prepare assessment tools [3-4] for youth and families
● Prepare pre- and post service surveys for youth and parents/caregivers/guardians
● Prepare focus group questionnaires, and conduct individual interviews and group
focus groups once per year. Estimated up to 20 select individuals.
● Analyze data and prepare charts.
● Prepare annual report.
● and other responsibilities.

Proposal Submission:

Candidates should submit a proposal that includes the following:

Cover Letter
Resume or CV
Previous articles or writings
Publications [if any]
Suggested timeline
Expected compensation

If you require accommodations throughout the process, please let us know so we can
create a plan for you.

Diversity/ Inclusion

Ifarada seeks to develop and enhance its team that reflects our community and service
users. Individuals from Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, 2SLGBTQ+, all abilities, and
other diversity are always welcomed to apply and state their diversity in the hiring process.
If selected for an interview, the meeting may occur virtually or in person, and interviewees
are provided with interview questions ahead of time.


Rate is competitive, based on a yearly commitment of 100- 150 hours per year or 10 hours
per month. Applicants should include their compensation requirements in their proposal.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration in this role. Email your submission to:


Question and Answer

Please send your questions to: The Question period will end on November 1, 2023.

1. When is submissions due? A research team will be selected by March 31, 2024.  The team will be notified by on or before the targeted date.
2, What is your anticipated start date/period for this work? The project is aimed to begin April 1, 2024.
2. How long is the project or intervention? The project team can be available for the entire project.  However, this is not a requirement for a researcher or research team.  The team/individual is required to achieve deliverables within their contracted timeline, and the timeline is dependent upon the agreement developed with the team/individual. Overall, the project will continue for 5 years, and will complete over 5 reports during the period.
3. What is the difference between the assessments and the pre and post service surveys? Assessments will look at specific social-emotional-behavioral factors that influence an individual’s experience.  If the intervention is successful, there should be marked changes with these factors and identified desired outcomes for the client/individual/family.  Pre and post service surveys will be conducted to assess organizational and staff effectiveness in supporting clients to achieve their desired outcomes.  Research demonstrates that the facilitator/therapist/counsellor play a significant role in client’s willingness to engage and motivation for change.
4. Is the intervention made up of different components such that any given set of participants participates in e.g. re-entry to society group, individual counselling and family counseling over the course of a set time period?  Or is the intervention only comprised of one component e.g re-entry to society groupNeither. The main focus is assessment and participation as identified in the proposal.
5. Will it be a new set of youth participants annually, that is, is the intervention to last one year for a given set or participants? The participant selection will remain randomized and voluntary.  We are unable to predict which individual/family will be selected for the research.  Not all families/individuals may agree to participate in the research, and may not elect to have the results of their assessment shared. As a team, we understand and respect the choices of the participants.
6. What is the targeted number of youth participants per year? The targeted number will be up to 20 focus group participants, and data collected on all participants who have agreed to engage in the research.  This will be randomized and based on feedback from the team. Please note participants may consist of parents/caregivers/guardians, assessment results of children and youth, pre-and post surveys of adults [i.e., parents/caregivers/guardians or youth 18 to 29 years old].
7. Will all the focus groups be on the same topics? The assessment tools and surveys will remain the same, with some changes in language or areas of focus if there has been shifts in culture, and the socio-economic landscape.
8. What is the rate for a researcher or research team? While the document is dated [2020-2021], the wage range for a researcher as established by the job bank of Canada is listed here: Toronto- Health Care Researchers.  However, Ifarada will offer a competitive rate to ensure that the best team/researcher is selected with the capacity to complete the project with excellence.  We will provide any accommodations and support to ensure the project is completed.  In addition, it is anticipated that the researcher/team may dedicate up to 100 hours in total to complete 1 report for publication.