Ifarada: Centre for Excellence is actively developing an online and Africentric library that promotes learning, achieving guidance, and building resilient community members.

Mission: To promote reading, learning and interactive resources to community members who may not have access to culturally-informed and culturally-relevant resources. Vision: To create a community that accesses knowledge that is about them, for them, and represents them.

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Whether it is an online webinar, accessing our Africentric library, or educational tutoring, our programs are designed to support growth and learning.

Resource Programs

The Kujali Line

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The Kujali (caring) phone support line is a free service geared to provide parents, caregivers, and guardians access to immediate information and support through a trained counsellor. The Kujali line is currently funded through the Kujenga Family Wellness Project with the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The line is available Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6pm.

Kusoma Reading Circle

The Kusoma Reading Circle is a monthly reading club designed for children and youth ages 4 and up. Each month, facilitators choose a new story and theme that focuses on culturally-informed and relevant storytelling. In addition, participants can win prizes, play games, and improve their reading skills. Kusoma promotes literacy amongst children and youth, and targets individuals who may not have access to a diverse array of books.

Mate Masie

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Mate Masie (I hear, I keep) is a new program designed to support professionals with learning how to support diverse community members, promote equity and address power imbalances within therapeutic relationships. Mate Masie program hosts workshops, online webinars, and conferences on equity, anti-oppressive practice, youth and family engagement and more. Through the work of Mate Masie, our facilitators help to promote better outcomes for children, youth and families through education.

Youth Civic Engagement

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Neao Learning Centre

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Parenting Workshops

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Reducing Barriers in Trauma-Informed Care

This personal article piece was prepared by Tabetha, based on a webinar attended by the Ontario Association for Social Workers (OASW) (Chandrasekera, 2022). The post was edited by Ifarada. Mental health illness or addiction issues is prevalent in the lives of Canadians.  This is indicated in research that shows early childhood/adolescent onset of mental illness, […]

The Brain: Our Life Story

Our brains are critical to us. In this article, we review the how our brain and our experiences impact our daily functioning.

Healthy Relationship Series #2

The healthy relationship series course focuses on developing relationship and communication skills to enhance family and partner functioning, and reduce violence and unhealthy relationships.

Program Review (2022)

The Usalama [Safer] Family Program is an initiative initially funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Usalama, which is Swahili for safer focuses on the premises of building and restoring families impacted by the pandemic, intimate partner violence, internet exploitation, family conflict, abuse, trauma, and intergenerational experiences. Thriving to reinforce safe and healthy relationships. The Usalama […]

Ifarada’s Board of Directors

Ifarada has a minimum of one individual and up to ten individuals. The board of directors plays an advisory role within the organization. As an advisory board, the Board members provide input, guidance, and oversight on the organization. Furthermore, the Board members represent the community to which the organization serves. From time to the time […]

Organizational Structure

Ifarada uses a strength-based, holistic approach to organizational culture, development, and sustainability. The holistic approach is grounded in Africentric and Indigenous ways of knowing and highlights the importance of drawing upon knowledge, science, intuition, and spirituality towards creating a healthy working culture. As an organization, we search for the strengths within our community, and the […]

Trauma-Informed Parenting

This article was written by: Shereen Sohan-Khan, Wellness Therapist [Intern] on October 16, 2021, and edited by: Nicole Perryman Being a trauma-informed parent Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (TF-CBT) speaks to the importance of including parents/caregivers in the therapy sessions when working with children. The inclusion of parents/caregivers in sessions provides adequate parent training that can […]

Faith-Based Practices: Eid -Kujenga Files

The arabic word “Eid” means festival , feast or holiday.  There are two major Eids in Islamic Calendar per year. One is Eid al- Fitr and the other one is Eid al- Adha. Eid al Fitr  is celebrated after the month of Ramadan. Muslim fast for 29 days during Ramadan or 30 days depending on […]

Kujenga files: LGBTQ2s youth

LGBTQ2+ Black youth and adults experience disproportionate outcomes than cis-gender heterosexual Black youth and adults, and LGBTQ2s youth and adults. Our community needs to do better to supporting our Black youth, adults and their families, as well as to create safe spaces for them to express their identity, to live fulfilling lives and grow their […]

Annual Reports

Promoting healthy families, embracing equity and celebrating diversity, cultivating resilience

Themes in Girls with Purpose

The following course content is some of the rich, success-based curriculum within our girls programming. In addition to using curriculum based for groups and girls, we also incorporate therapeutic interventions such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy and more. What does it mean to be a girl– examining your […]

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