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In January 2020, Ifarada received a Public Safety Grant to facilitate the SNAP program designed to support children up to 12 years old & their parents improve: management of emotions & behavior, family relationships, and self-confidence/self-esteem.

What is SNAP®?

Why SNAP? Some children and youth experience emotional and behavioural difficulties, and the SNAP program focuses on enhancing the parent’s capacity to support their child, and teaching children skills to better manage their emotions and behaviour.

Evidence-Based and Supported Program

The SNAP® program is an evidence-based program for children struggling with behavioral issues developed by the Child Development Institute. This program aims to teach children and their parents emotional regulation using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to allow children to make better choices.

This program is unique as it targets children and youth who are struggling with behavioral issues to prevent future encounters with incarceration and violent behavior. The SNAP® program has shown to increase emotion regulation, self-control, problem-solving skills, pro-social communication, executive functioning and social competency. As well as Decreased antisocial behavior, rule breaking, depression, anxiety and police contact.

The SNAP® program has also shown to have long term outcomes which are little to no involvement with the criminal justice system and delayed and less frequent trouble with the police/delayed entry into the youth justice system. 

Key Objectives:

  • It is an evidence-based program based on Cognitive Behavioural principles
  • It is a combined child and parent program which allows for better results
  • Research shows that problem behaviours in school are an indicator of criminal behaviour later in life. SNAP® addresses current problem behaviours to reduce future criminal behaviour
  • SNAP® addresses issues at various levels of a child’s life including at home and school behaviours.

Who is eligible?

Changing the Trajectory of Children’s Experiences

Boys and girls, ages 6-11, experiencing serious behavioural problems at home, at school, with persons in authority, and in the community can benefit from the SNAP Boys/SNAP Girls programs. A child may stay in the SNAP® program up to the age of 18 depending on their needs. Learn More.

Why is it helpful?

Successful Outcomes through SNAP (R)

  • The program increases parents confidence in managing challenging behaviour
  • Children show lower problem behaviours after 12 to 18 months of participating in the program
  • The program has a higher than normal completion rate for the industry
  • Children report improved quality of interaction with parents, including less yelling and more limit setting.
  • Children report a less positive attitude towards antisocial behaviour, associate with fewer peers whom parents consider a “bad influence,” and demonstrate more prosocial skills after treatment with teachers, peers and family members.

Specializing in Black and Indigenous Youth

Ifarada offers an unique SNAP experience that focuses on understanding and supporting children and youth who identify as Black or Indigenous. In schools, Black and Indigenous youth have differential outcomes due to anti-racism. In Durham Region, many times Black youth experience double the rate of suspensions and lowered outcomes in literacy and math than other students. This is due to anti-Black racism, and not performance. If your child is experiencing challenges in school, our program support parents to advocate for their children’s needs, and re-orient their child to healthy coping strategies, emotional regulation, and behaviour management support that leads to their success.

Programs Offered

Parenting Introduction

Learn about SNAP (R) program and how it can support your children and youth.

Parent-Skills Development

This 6-week program is an introduction into SNAP (R) skills and development. It is geared for parents who wish to refresh their skills or to develop new skills to support their child’s emotional and behaviorial development.

SNAP (R) 12- week Program

Starting Winter 2022- 12 week SNAP program for children, youth and parents. Register today to complete the intake and preparation.

We are now accepting referrals for the SNAP® program. To complete a referral please contact us by phone at 289-624-9431 or email us at, subject line: SNAP. Upon receiving referrals an individualized service plan will be made with each family prior to the program start.

Register today for one of our upcoming programs

Registration is available on our Eventbrite through Kujenga Wellness Project. To register for the 12 -week SNAP program use our easy to complete form, and a member of our team will connect with you.

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