Upcoming Events

We are excited to share our upcoming events for 2020! Check our page for updates!

January 13, 2020! Office Reopens!

You can still book appointments via email: info@asetgroup.ca or by contacting us at: 289-624-2330.

Walk in Services

Starting January 13, our walk in services are open 10 am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Just come in to our office to meet with a counselor. Appointments are available after 5pm by contacting us at: 289-624-2330. Our walk in services are provided FREE, and support clients and family members in crisis, or who need support in the moment.

Oshun’s Women Group

Our women’s group is accepting applications for our in-person and NEW online groups. Our upcoming topics:

  1. Healthy Relationships
  2. Grief & Loss
  3. Anxiety & Depression
  4. Emotional Intelligence
  5. Addressing Shame & Guilt

Nia Gwenda & Empowered Queens

Starting in February 2020, our girls group for youth ages 8 to 17 will begin again for 6 weeks. Our therapeutic groups address self esteem, peer relationships, body image, conflict resolution, building confidence and so much more. We aspire to help your girls feel and think of themselves as warriors, who are smart, worthy and successful. Our groups provide girls with a safe place, an inspiring leader, and a space to share their successes and difficulties. Contact us today for more information: info@asetgroup.ca

Adrinkehene Male Youth Group

We continue to accept applications for our male youth programs in Durham Region. Our leadership skill based group employs young men with life skills, social development skills, and leadership building skills. Youth can receive volunteer hours for attending the group. The groups are free of cost and held in the community.

School Programs

Looking for a youth program in your school? We provide free 4-6 week groups in your school designed to support Black, Indigenous and racialized youth. Contact Us! today.

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