Caregiver Education

In our training module, learn how to create positive outcomes for Black youth designed for caregivers, such as parents, foster parents, social workers, child and youth workers, and daycare providers who support Black Youth. Understand key strategies and interventions designed to address systemic racism, anti-Black racism, and enhance empowerment for children.

In our training module, enhance your understanding of early development and attachment with children and youth. Learn strategies on how to support children and youth enhance their attachment and resiliency.

Sometimes our children can struggle with their behavior due to their environment or disorders. Our children don’t have the words or language to always express how they feel and think. Our module will teach parents and caregivers strategies on how to support their children, and interventions to create a healthy and loving environment

As a kin, child and youth worker and foster parents, you play an important and key role in supporting children and youth who are in the middle of permanency plans for their lives. Learn skills and interventions that will support you to maintain healthy attachments, build resiliency and intervene in times of difficulty.

This training module provides creative interventions and strategies for children and youth who have experienced difficult situations such as divorce and separation, abuse, grief and loss, and attachment disruptions.

Contact us and we will develop a specialized training for your organization based on your needs.

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