Women’s Programming

Supporting women and girls achieve greatness, and addressing barriers in a holistic, supportive, and culturally-relevant way.

Our women’s programming is focused on addressing the issues women experience, and creating spaces for them to feel empowered, loved, supported, and motivated to create change in their lives .

Creating spaces where you belong…

Queen’s Unite, one of the many groups operating at Ifarada: Centre for Excellence, is a space to celebrate being a woman, mother and role model. This group is meant to be a space in which we as women can share our own experiences and learn from each other. Throughout the pandemic the reality of “connection” has changed and through this space we hope to explore how this change looks like and how it will propel us going forward. As a group we will join together and support each other by exploring our shared similarities and differences. Through in-depth discussions, interactive activities, self-reflecting we will learn to acknowledge, build and continue to grow our resiliency.

Healing designed to guide you:

·        Learn to coping with covid-19 and the after effects of covid-19

·        Discuss family relations, such as parenting concerns and family dynamics

·        Learn more about stress management and techniques to cope with stress

·        Explore understanding relationships dynamics and coping with negative   experiences

·        Discuss and explore rebuilding sense of self and understanding relationship dynamics

·        Learning how to cope with negative live and relationship experiences

·        Rebuilding your sense of self both inside and outside of a relationship

·        Exploring and understanding self-fulfillment and self-love 

Our Mission and Vision

Ifarada’s groups designed for women and individuals who identify as women. The groups are designed to create an interconnected therapeutic support program and network for women. We envision a safe, inclusive, and supportive space geared to help participants grow and heal.

We are powerful. We are healers and we heal. We are determined to redefine our image, our identities, our role, and our beings.

Queen’s Unite

Through Kujenga Family Wellness Project, Queen’s Unite is designed to support women who are parents, caregivers, and guardians. Queen’s Unite is facilitated by therapists trained to work with women, and identifies themes that are focused on supporting them.

Oshun’s Women’s Group

Oshun’s Women’s Group is designed to support women addressing significant issues that may impact their lives. Through the group, women will learn strategies to improve their emotional well-being, and empower change within.

Empowering Healthy Relationships

Supporting women to develop healthy intimate partner and family relationships. These supportive groups are designed as a safe space for women to explore their experiences with unhealthy relationships, and learn skills to develop healthy boundaries, advocate for their needs, manage their emotions, and address relationship challenges.

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.

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Women’s Programs

Oshun Women’s Group

Find your support, with us… What is your story? What is your journey? What happened to you? Has your life been touched with heartache, pain, violence, grief, loss, separation, abuse? Feeling alone? Join us. Join our support groups designed to meet your needs. As a psychotherapist and social worker, I have an unique position to…

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