Excellence Through Learning

We believe by educating our youth and building their confidence in their voice, their expertise and their experience we can then develop youth who can create better outcomes for their future generation.

Ifarada: Centre for Excellent

Education Leadership focuses on key themes such as civic engagement, advocacy, leadership programs, mentorship, knowledge and development programs.

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Tutoring Support

NEAO Learning Centre

Nea Onnim No Sua a, ohu- He who does not know can know from learning. Learn more about our programs designed for children and youth in elementary, high school and entering post secondary school. Infused with cultural integrity, values and perspectives that is built on principles of: equity, inclusion, and empowerment.

Ifarada has tutors available who provide support in all subjects and French language from kindergarten to high school. Our tutors work one on one, in community settings, or the library to assist learners. Our tutors charge affordable rates, based on their experiences, from $20/per hour to $45/per hour.

Promising Venture: By 2022, we hope to offer tutoring & sports camp in the summer for children and youth ages 4 to 16 years old.  Our camp will focus upon incorporating African-centered curriculum with the Ontario education curriculum.  We will provide an activity-based and sports program in the afternoon. 

Civic Engagement

When young people are given the tools to use their voice, to advocate for their future, and engage within the political, socioeconomic, environmental, and health of their lives, they become powerful beyond measure

Nicole Perryman

Our civic engagement and advocacy programs prepares youth with the skills to use their voice and discuss issues that are pertinent to their experiences. We strongly believe that young people have ideas, opinions, and beliefs and should have the opportunity to share these with others. Our leadership programs, Adrinkhene and Wonderfully Made incorporate principles of leadership, civic engagement, and volunteerism. We encourage youth to join our Board of Directors to help guide & direct the building of this organization.

Upcoming Events: On the 1st Saturday of every month, from 12pm to 3pm join us on ZOOM and in-person (September 2021) for engaging discussions, empowering speakers and lecturers, and opportunities to engage with community to promote social justice.

Promote our latest CALL FOR ACTION! Support girls’ mentorship program, Wonderfully Made achieve funding.

Library Program & Scholarships

Coming Soon: A cultural-based library with Afrocentric & Indigenous writers & literature. A scholarship program for youth who demonstrate interest in their cultural and spiritual heritages.

Mate Masie” Equity Project

With “seed” grants and community partnerships, the “Mate Masie” Equity Project is developing curriculum courses and programs for youth, children, families and professionals. Learn More

Our premiere project is building an online learning village. We can’t wait to release our new courses to you, at no cost. Subscribe today to get first-choice in our upcoming courses.

Equity & Inclusion Courses and Webinars

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