Intensive Services

Focused on intervention and prevention.

In collaboration with community and federal sources, Ifarada offers intensive services focused on intervention and prevention. The intensive services seek to support children, youth, parents, adults, and families who may require specialized, frequent, and collaborative services that can improve their outcomes and reduce the risk.

Intensive services include support navigating the child welfare and education system, engagement with youth involvement with the criminal justice system, intervention services for youth with emotional-social-behaviour challenges, and advocacy in mental health.

Intensive Services Programs

Age Facet

Age Facet
  • All
  • Adults (2)
  • Children (2)
  • Youth & Teens (6)

Civic Engagement

Our civic engagement and advocacy programs prepare youth with the skills to use their voice and discuss issues that are pertinent to their experiences.

Family Therapy

Healing and restoration do not focus on individuals. Problems and challenges can affect the whole family. Therapy can support healing within the entire family and provide strategies that family members can use to deal with stress.

Kujali [caring] Crisis Support Line

The Kujali [caring] Black Family Support Line is a free crisis telephone support line providing guidance, advocacy, resources and intervention for families requiring support, guidance, informal counselling, and guidance.

Kujenga Co-Parenting Restoration Program

Supporting families heal through separation, divorce, loss, child welfare, and other difficulties through co-parenting courses.

Little Kusafiri Nature Therapy Group

Blending nature with therapy is a new therapeutic program introduced for children and parents.

Our Story Family Group

Restoring, rebuilding and healing families through our stories.

Professional Mentorship Program

Our youth and young people have the opportunity to achieve success through connection with professionals and mentors within their field.


Some children and youth experience emotional and behavioural difficulties, and the SNAP program focuses on enhancing the parent’s capacity to support their child, and teaching children skills to better manage their emotions and behaviour.

Youth Advisory Council

The youth advisory council is an intersectoral, collaborative group of youth, aged 16 to 29 years old, who provides advice, guidance, and support to program and services that service young people.

Youth Engagement and Intervention Program

The aim of the project is to create spaces for children and youth to address pro-criminal attitudes and enhance pro-social ones.

Youth Wellbeing Support Services

Youth Wellbeing workers provide outreach and advocacy connecting children and young people with valuable services in the community, providing advocacy when needed, and connecting young people with programs to enhance their lives.