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Through the generosity of our partners, we have been able to grow our programs and make a lasting impact on marginalized youth, individuals, and families. Thank you!

Partners Invested In Healing Communities

Current Program Partners

TD Ready to Commitment

Through the generous donation, Ifarada is initiating a parent-child intervention program called, Fihankra -meaning security.  This program is geared for new and seasoned parents and designed to build community connections, enhance supports to parents, and improve attachment and parenting.

Children's Aid Society

The Kasserian Ingera Program and Ifarada Centre for Excellence have collaborated to develop a holistic service support for Black families who come into contact with the Society.  Through this program, our team provides case management, resources support, parent education, family outreach, counselling services and more.

Second Harvest

Second Harvest recently funded Ifarada $45,000 to provide short-term food relief to families it services. For more information about this program, or to register visit us today.


Starting in January 2020, the Public Safety Canada through the SNAP program funded Ifarada with training and a stipend for the development of SNAP program. Visit our SNAP program to learn more about our programs.

Past Program Partners

TD Impact Fund

A number of our youth programs were supported by TD Impact in 2021, focusing on the challenges faced by marginalized youth in the age of covid-19 and how to help them manage and respond accordingly.

The Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross granted funding to Ifarada to support multiple virtual groups during the covid 19 pandemic.

Supporting Black Community Initiative

Through the Supporting Black Community Capacity Building Project, Ifarada worked with organizations to build and develop its Human Resources department, marketing and advertising presence, grant competitiveness, and research.

Black Capacity Building Fund

In September 2021, Ifarada was provided capital funding to retrofit an office space that was inclusive, accessible and Africentric space.  Through the funding, Ifarada developed 5 office spaces, a reception area, an Africentric library, and technology equipment for use within the centre.

Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does himself

Chief Seattle, Chief of the Suquamish and Duwamish Tribes

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