Our Partners

As a member of Family Services Agency of Ontario, Ifarada partners with some leading Canadian organizations and grassroots organizations to bring culturally important mental health and wellness services to the Durham region.

Together we can make a difference!

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Through the generosity of our community partners and volunteers, we have been able to grow our programs and make a lasting impact on our children, youth, individuals, and families.  Thank you!

Current Community Partners

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Currently Ifarada works with diploma, undergraduate and graduate programs to provide placement for students.

Our staff team is diverse, and provides an unique perspective to our practice. Students can participate in program delivery and development, and have direct access to supporting our service users.

In return, students receive training and supervision grounded in Ifarada’s theory and practice principles.

Our executive team, and Board Member are proud founders of Kujenga Wellness Project.

This program is designed for parents, caregivers, and guardians to improve education amongst the community, and address the impact of trauma upon the lives of Black families.

Ifarada works with Kujenga to support their initiatives, to collaborate on activities, and to build their resources. The Kujenga team also includes a project lead/outreach coordinator, an advisory council, and another core member.

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The Supporting Black Communities Initiative and the Supporting Black Capacity Building Project awarded Ifarada with funding to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Build a new retrofit space for the community, including an Africentric Library. This project is in PROGRESS and expected to be completed by June 2022.
  • Enhance marketing strategy and website design for the organization. This project is in PROGRESS and expected to be completed by June 2022.

New Initiatives

Second Harvest recently funded Ifarada $45,000 to provide short-term food relief to families it services. For more information about this program, or to register visit us today.

The pandemic has heightened economic and financial stress for families. Food and finances are considered one of the many social determinants of health. By providing short-term relief to families, we are hoping to assist reduce stressors for families, improve access to immediate resources (especially for families who experience marginalization), and encourage families to allocate funds to other areas of their budget to reduce financial strain.

Our past initiatives

Family Outreach and Healthy Relationships Series.

Through the generous funding from the Canadian Women’s Foundation between September 2021- February 2022, Ifarada hosted the Healthy Relationship work shop series. The purpose of the series was to support and build healthy relationships while addressing themes such as: intimate partner violence, intergenerational trauma, anti-Black racism, and more. The series have been well attended and has extended to schools. The funding also supported hiring of part-time family outreach workers that provided direct, one to one support to families requesting: mental health counselling, abuse and intimate partner violence trauma treatment, navigation services to other supports (i.e., housing, immigration, legal services, AIDS intervention), and mediation.

TD Bank- Impact Funding

From July 2021 to January 2022, the TD Bank Group provided Ifarada with a $20,000 grant to run our group programs such as: Askira Girls, Nia Gwenda, Kusoma Reading Circle, and Summer Camp. The programs were helped to employ a Group Facilitator, Brittany White who organized, supervised and facilitated the program. Youth also received gifts and supplies to assist with their programs. Our volunteers helped to support the group programs. During the program, we examined the following desired outcomes: youth learned coping strategies to manage the stress related to the pandemic, virtual school, and disconnected friendships, youth felt supported and reduced social isolation, and youth fared better in the homes. Access our results today.

The Canadian Red Cross

The beginning of 2020, the world was impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic. These experiences impacted the way that we lived, worked, interacted, and spent our time. The Canadian Red Cross granted Ifarada over $65,000 to provide direct counselling, group programs and training for their community. During March 2020 to March 2021, Ifarada successfully provided support to hundreds of community members in the form of mental health counselling, temporary food relief, group programs, and training. To learn more about the impact of these services, visit our post: The Gift Project.

Public Safety Canada and the Stop Now and Plan Program.

In January 2020, the Public Safety Canada through the SNAP program funded Ifarada with training and a stipend for the development of SNAP program. Visit our SNAP program to learn more about our programs.

Our Impact

Program Review (2022)

The Usalama [Safer] Family Program is an initiative initially funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Usalama, which is Swahili for safer focuses on the premises of building and restoring families impacted by the pandemic, intimate partner violence, internet exploitation, family […]

Healthy Relationship Series #2

The healthy relationship series course focuses on developing relationship and communication skills to enhance family and partner functioning, and reduce violence and unhealthy relationships.

Our Numbers

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Call to Action & Join us…

Ifarada is entering its 4th year of operation and searching for new Board Members to complement our Board. If you are interested in joining as an advisory or active member, contact us today!

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