Supporting our community thrive with the Kujenga Youth Wellbeing Program

January 18, 2023

In the first three months, the Kujenga Youth Wellbeing Project has surpassed initial goals and expectations.  The Kujenga Youth Wellbeing Project is a four-year project geared to supporting families to enhance their social and emotional wellbeing.

What we hope to accomplish

Enhanced social, emotional, and cultural pride for Black and racialized families, through the development of programs that focus on African, Indigenous, and Caribbean culture, diverse histories, and exposure to mentors that represent the ethnic identity of participants; and,

Increased positive parenting skills, strategies, and attitudes for black and racialized families by offering parent-sessions led by youth to equip parents to engage in community resources and address social isolation; and,

Improved mental health through reduced stress and anxiety amongst black and racialized youth by providing outreach and counseling options that are culturally relevant, trauma-informed, as well as supportive; and,

Increased support for youth transitioning out of care and youth leaving high school (grade 11 and up) which includes civic engagement, leadership programs, mentorship, and volunteer opportunities to engage in their community and lead projects.

Build and nurture community partnerships across the region, outreach, and collaborate with organizations, as evidenced by the number of community partnerships and the quality of relationships developed, and market upcoming programs and initiatives.

Our Programs

Ifarada's fundraising campaign

Parent Workshops and Family Outreach programs facilitated by social workers and/or child and youth practitioners.  Our family outreach program is designed to support families experiencing difficulties with relationships, family conflict, anti-Black racism and other forms of racism, and more.

Our therapeutic group programs are designed to support children and youth to address their emotional and social wellbeing.  The groups are skilled based and rooted in enhancing children’s capacity to manage anxiety, bullying, low self-confidence and self-esteem, identity and more.  Therapeutic groups are typically five to eight weeks in length, and range from in-person to virtual depending on the group. Admissions are available at any time.

In collaboration with Durham Family and Cultural Centre, we have excellent programs designed for youth transitioning to adulthood, accessing professional and career support, and receiving mentorship. Young people can join our three week life skill and coaching development session throughout the year.  Connect with community partners and professionals to jump start your career development.  Or, attend one of our monthly workshops designed to learn micro skills such as computer literacy, resume and cover letter building, financial literacy and more.

individual counseling

Free Counselling, our expansive counselling services provide free psychotherapy to children and youth under 29 for up to 10 sessions.  Our therapists have experiences in play therapy, dyadic approaches, expressive arts therapy, popular interventions such as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, spiritual care and more.

We also work with external therapists in Durham Region and beyond, whom can provide the same support with greater flexibility for your family.

Join our movement

We are looking for community partners to build collaboration, and support the community. Consider becoming a partner today!

Our Partners

Review our Quarterly Reports

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Upcoming Initiatives

Join our Youth Advisory Council.  Our youth advisory council is an integral part of the Kujenga Youth Wellbeing Project.  Youth members help advise, consult, and advocate for youth within our programs, and help to shape future programs.  Youth advisory members receive $250 / per involvement.