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Ifarada offers an array of culturally-relevant, trauma-focused, and inclusive programming that is designed to address holistic mental wellness, leadership and mentorship, education and training, and family well-being.
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2SLGBTQ+ Youth Support Group

Supporting youth feel seen, heard, and celebrated.

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Adrinkahene is a leadership, social skills, and emotional regulation group for boys ages 6 to 16 years.This unique program is divided into cohorts for boys based on their ages.

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Akoma Wellbeing Project

Support our Akoma Wellbeing Project, geared to provide 3 to 12 individual or couple counselling sessions to improve mental health and wellbeing in our community members.

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Anxiety and Emotional Regulation Group

Learning to balance our emotions, embracing the most pleasurable and the most difficult.

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Art Therapy Group

A two-part art exploration group centering on identity, healing and positive body image.

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Askira Girls

Askira is designed for girls ages 5 to 9 years old. The program focuses on social skills, emotional management, healthy relationships, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

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Child & Youth Therapy

Children and youth experience the world through their caregivers and others around them. Sometimes they do not have the tools or the language to understand the difficulties they face. Therapy is a safe space for children and youth to build their strengths and access the support they need.

Child Welfare Involvement

A member of the child welfare team has reached out to your family to complete an assessment due to concerns due to abuse and neglect. Contact our team to attend the initial meeting with you, or prep you for the meeting, or debrief the meeting together. Discuss ways to support your family heal after the visit, and re-establish family stability.

Civic Engagement

Our civic engagement and advocacy programs prepare youth with the skills to use their voice and discuss issues that are pertinent to their experiences.

Civic Engagement Program

In our mentorship program, we aim to support young women in receiving mentorship and support for their journey.

Couples Therapy

Couples may choose therapy at any time throughout their relationship. From the new couple, the couple entering commitment, to the couple experiencing life transitions, and to the couple experiencing separation, a dedicated counsellor can help guide the couple through these experiences. Renew your relationship today! Consider couples therapy.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention support provides outreach and guidance to individuals and families impacted by the immediate crisis. Whether the crisis involves mental health support, resource navigation, police or, child welfare involvement, our team is ready to help.

Education And Your Child

In March 2020, the global pandemic changed the way your child experienced school and learn. Many children experienced varying degrees of success or difficulties. We can help. Contact us if your family is experiencing a strain with the new normal, and we can help create action plans and establish healthy ways of living together.

Emotional Regulation Group [youth]

Learn how to build your emotional intelligence, and support healthy emotions. This 8-week virtual group is designed to support teens manage anxiety and difficult emotions.

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Equity and Inclusion

With “seed” grants and community partnerships, the “Mate Masie” Equity Project is developing curriculum courses and programs for youth, children, families and professionals.

Family Therapy

Healing and restoration do not focus on individuals. Problems and challenges can affect the whole family. Therapy can support healing within the entire family and provide strategies that family members can use to deal with stress.

Fostering Boy's & Young Men's Leadership & Team Work Skills Through Sport & Recreation

An interactive youth program designed to build social skills, leadership, and values.

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Fostering Healthy Grief Balancing Joy and Sorrow

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Grief and Loss Group for Youth

Children and youth also experience grief and loss with life changes. Let us be there to support them.

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Healing Spiritually, Other ways of knowing Group

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Healing Wings- Sexual Violence Recovery Program

Supporting survivors of sexual violence heal, transform, and grow.

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Individual Psychotherapy

Whether you need help managing your emotions, managing your mental health difficulties, or looking for guidance to manage life struggles, individual psychotherapy is available to you. Specialized supports and guidance are designed to help you achieve your goals.

Kasserian Ingera

Designed to enhance outcomes for Black and African-ancestry youth and reduce Black families' involvement in child welfare.

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Kujenga "Attachment" Art Therapy Group Program

Secure attachment relationships can build healthy parent-child relationships, support emotional regulation, and promote healthy childhood.

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Kujenga Co-Parenting Restoration Program

Supporting families heal through separation, divorce, loss, child welfare, and other difficulties through co-parenting courses.

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Kusoma Reading Circle

The Kusoma Reading Circle is a virtual summer reading club designed for children and youth who LOVE reading, or who need encouragement to engage in the wonderful world of reading.

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Let's Talk: Men's Support Group

This virtual group is a space for men, fathers, and father-figures to talk, share, and explore issues that influence men the most.

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Life Coaching

The goal of life coaching is to facilitate the transition or stagnation of an individual through guidance, support, and motivational interviewing. In contrast to other models, life coaching is based on self-esteem/confidence, motivational interviewing, and guidance.

Little Kusafiri Nature-Therapy Group

Blending nature with therapy is a new therapeutic program introduced for children and parents.

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Mindfulness Mondays

The power of mindfulness can help ground us, reconnect us with our spiritual selves, and reduce our stressors.

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Mzee: Elder to Youth

Mzee focuses on building community by connecting our elders with young people designed to pass on culture, wisdom, guidance and support.

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NEAO Learning Centre

Nea Onnim No Sua a, ohu- He who does not know can know from learning.

Explore our programs designed for children and youth in elementary and high school, as well as those entering post-secondary education. All programs are embedded with cultural integrity, values, and perspectives that are built on principles of equity, inclusion, and empowerment.

Nia Gwenda

Nia Gwenda is designed for girls ages 10 to 13 years old. The program focuses on social skill development, internet safety, managing conflict, healthy relationships, and emotional management.

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Oshun’s Women’s Group

This group is designed to support women facing significant challenges in their lives. The group teaches women how to improve their emotional well-being and empower themselves to change.

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Our Story Family Group

Restoring, rebuilding and healing families through our stories.

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Parent-Child Program [Fihankra]

The Ifarada parent-child program is a specialized program designed for Black and racialized families that focuses on early years development, anti-Black racism, and intergenerational trauma.  The program will seek to equip parents with skills to manage their own mental health while also strengthening their parenting capacity.  Finally, Ifarada will support parents by creating safe spaces for parents to connect with other parents.


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Parent-teen Conflict & Issues

Your young person is struggling with leaving the house without permission, drug us, involvement in criminal activity or human trafficking, incessant-family arguments, or isolation from the family unit. There are many more situations which may occur within the parent-child dynamic, and we are here to help. Contact our team to assist with diffusing the conflict, addressing plans to address the challenges, and to follow up with you in regards to developing strategies and support.

Professional Mentorship Program

Our youth and young people have the opportunity to achieve success through connection with professionals and mentors within their field.

Queen’s Unite

The Queen's Unite Kujenga Family Wellness Project supports women who are parents, caregivers, and guardians. It is led by licensed therapists who are trained to work with women, and it addresses themes aimed at supporting them.

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Some children and youth experience emotional and behavioural difficulties, and the SNAP program focuses on enhancing the parent’s capacity to support their child, and teaching children skills to better manage their emotions and behaviour.

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Ujima Group- Striving to achieve balance in career work and home responsibility

We all struggle with creating and maintaining the work-life-career balance that can optimize your life experiences. Join us to converse, share, and learn how to create the life experiences we strive for.

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Wonderfully Made

In our mentorship program, we aim to support young women in receiving mentorship and support for their journey.

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Yoga Therapy Program

Yoga is a powerful spiritual practice which uses breath and movement to support healing, growth and mindfulness.

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Young Queens Empowerment Program by Anada

Empowering girls to achieve their best outcome, build friendships, and feel supported.

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Youth Advisory Council

The youth advisory council is an intersectoral, collaborative group of youth, aged 16 to 29 years old, who provides advice, guidance, and support to program and services that service young people.

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