Parent-Child Program [Fihankra]

Program Type: family-wellbeing, outreach, parents-caregivers

The Ifarada Parent-Child Program is a unique program designed to support Black, racialized and Indigenous parents to improve their relationships with their children and youth.

Promoting healthy families, strong parents, loving homes, and thriving children!

Program Objective:

A parent-child program for Black and racialized families that focuses on early years development, anti-Black racism, and intergenerational trauma.  The program will seek to equip parents with skills to manage their own mental health while also strengthening their parenting capacity.  Ifarada will support parents by creating safe spaces for parents to connect with other parents.

Program Activities:

  1. Informal Counselling:One-on-one counselling and support: parents will be provided with one-on-one counselling to address experiences of racism and discrimination, intergenerational trauma, and other mental health issues that may be impacting personal resiliency and parenting capacity.
  2. Parenting Support:Group programs: group parenting programs will be provided to allow participants the opportunity to discuss shared parenting experiences, give and receive support and build a positive network of support.
  3. Skill-Building:Stay and play skill building: parents will have the opportunity to practice their parenting skills in a playful environment with mentorship and support from an experienced early years development practitioner

Program Goals

The parent-child program seeks to achieve the following adult/caregiver and child/youth outcomes:

Adult/Caregiver outcomes:

  • Participants gain positive parenting skills
  • Participants gain a network of supports
  • Participants experience improved mental health
  • Participants gain strategies to address and manage anti-Black racism and intergenerational trauma

Child outcomes:

  • Children demonstrate strengthened bonds with parents
  • Children demonstrate improved behaviours.
  • Children gain protective factors i.e., increased socialization, connection to supports etc.

Review our program proposal and objectives:

Proposal_TD Ready Committment_Ifarada

Fihankra [Akan Adrinka symbol]- "house/compound": symbol of security and safety.  Typical of Akan (Asante) architecture, the communal housing compound has only one entrance and exit (definition taken from:

parents, caregivers and guardians, and newborn and school-age children

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