Leadership Programs

As an organization, Ifarada: Centre for Excellence prides itself on developing leadership programs for youth, adults, and elders. We strongly believe that leadership qualities are within all of us. While not all of us will become presidents and prime ministers, many of us will make choices in our lives that defines us, our identity, our histories, and our journey. All of us will make decisions about the future of our journey making us LEADERS of our own life. We support each other’s journey, and we have developed unique, African-centric and Indigenous-inspired tools to enhance your leadership skills. For further psychotherapy and counselling support, visit our partner organization: Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services.

Leadership Programs are individualized programs which may include mentorship, life coaching and counselling to support individual growth, healing, education and awareness.  See below for details on our types of leadership programs.

Leadership builds strong communities.  Through the development of strong leadership with African-inspired leaders with a history and understanding or anti-oppression, anti-Black racism and a passion to support our youth’s development.

Mzee- Elder to Youth Program.  We utilize our elders (60+) as one of our strong leaders to mentor young people and provide leadership to those who have not been exposed to elder-support.

Supporting African and Black business owners. We work with African-inspired professionals, business people and crafts people to connect with youth seeking employment and legitimate earning power.  This will support youth who are gang affiliated to seek alternative ways to earn financial resources to support their families.

Leadership through life coaching counsellingWe use a holistic counselling and consulting approach to identify and support healthy mental wellness and awareness.  Our strong counsellors are well grounded in alternate therapies which support African-communities such as art, music, drumming, dance, spoken word and more.

Literature articles & Thoughts on Leadership

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