Cultural Knowledge

Ifarada: Our Story

African-Canadian youth and families in Canada have had a rich history and culture from experiences of trans-Atlantic trade, to the freedom land, to mass immigration from Caribbean nations to refugees from war-torn African countries. These shifts in movement created disruptions in their community, furthering changing the landscape of knowledge, language, spirituality, and culture.  Centuries of disruptions and displacements have influenced the growth and wellness in African communities in Canada.

The Ifarada Institute seeks to reclaim African culture, beliefs and values while supporting youth, adults and families enhance their cultural, social and mental wellness.  The Ifarada Institute administers a range of programs and services, training and equity programming, and demonstrates community leadership.  The Institute targets child, youth and families’ disparities by targeting the identified needs of the community and developing intervention programs to reduce re-occurrence and prevention programs to support healthy development and growth.  The Institute uses African -owned businesses, mentors, leaders and professionals to support initiatives.

Through a rich array of program and services, the Ifarada Institute hopes to develop a strong healthy community through strong leadership, mentorship programs, self-esteem and personal life coaching, advocacy and civic engagement.  The Institute acknowledges the presence and experience of oppression and racism has influenced outcomes for African families and community, and thus targets programs to address these disparities and create opportunities for growth within African communities.

Our Mission Statement

Ifarada seeks to support and heal the African-Canadian community through use of holistic interventions.  We seek to re-claim African culture, beliefs and values while supporting youth, adults and families enhance their cultural, social and mental wellness. We identify and targets programs designed to improve outcomes for African-Canadian youth and families.

Let the youth teach the young and our elders guide our future.

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