Civic Engagement

December 9, 2020

When young people are given the tools to use their voice, to advocate for their future, and engage within the political, socioeconomic, environmental, and health of their lives, they become powerful beyond measure

In 2020, we saw the rise of civic engagement as young people marched the streets promoting #BlackLivesMatter. The momentum towards change is not temporary. Change occurs when the movement persists, empowering future generations to join in.

Join our civic engagement leadership workshops as we explore the history of the resistance, and engage in targeted campaigns towards addressing community issues that impact young people's life.

Liaison and meet with politicians to identify and discuss issues that impact and influence young people's life. Learn about the social determinants of health, systems and theory of change, and develop strategic planning to address change.







Change Outcomes



Register to Join:

Attend one of our drop-in sessions or Let's Talk Live sessions held with Kujenga Wellness Project.

Come to our monthly meetings to discuss issues that matter to you the most. Meet professionals involved in social justice, change and civic engagement. Network with like-minded youth and mentors geared to support your growth and learning. Join one our advisory groups that inform policies on Ifarada: Centre for Excellence and youth initiatives in the community. Build your resume and earn volunteer credits for your involvement.

Target Audience

Youth, ages 12 to 24 years old. Our programs are appropriate for youth from diverse backgrounds & experiences. The workshops are organized and hosted by young people in the community who are mentored by social justice professionals.

All is Welcome

Interested in social justice initiatives? Have you been impacted by intersecting identities (race, gender, sexual orientation)? Have you been experiencing challenges with social determinants of health or systemic issues such as: poverty, mental health, poor health outcomes, child protection involvement or youth leaving care, impacted by crime? Are you looking for a safe place to learn and grow, and connect with like-minded youth?


In Durham Region and beyond. Currently we are hosting groups online until September 2021. Post September, meetings may be held in person in the community, or online depending on our audience.


Use Your Voice! Maybe you are not sure how our government is organized? Maybe you want to learn how to negotiate in politics? Maybe you don't understand what: decolonialization means or understand why we honor and uphold Indigenous rights and treaty laws. Our workshops are designed to strengthen your knowledge, and encourage critical thinking and analysis on the issues that matter to you the most.

Session Dates

Meeting dates are scheduled on the 1st Saturday of each month: 12 pm to 3 pm. Lunch is always provided.

Register today by joining one of our workshops! Email us for more information: info@ifaradainstitute.org

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Our programs need your feedback and support? Prepare your feedback and opinion on how our civic engagement program has supported your development and growth. Interested in becoming involved in other ways? Consider joining the Youth Advisory Council and Board of Directors to build organizational leadership skills. Interested in developing your career? Looking for options to learn and grow? Consider joining our 2021 Online Learning Village.

Join our Learning Village in collaboration with our organizations.

Mate Masie

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