Strengthening outcomes for youth

September 17, 2023

As part of our commitment to youth and youth employment, Ifarada has developed year-round options for youth to develop employment skills and receive mentorship from professionals in their field while earning a student wage.  Youth have the option to work with Ifarada’s team or with one of our partners based on their career paths and interests.

Types of Placements available:

  • Ifarada has employment opportunities in administration and social media, photography and media arts, group facilitation, and youth mentorship.
  • Ifarada has part-time and occasional employment opportunities in our Youth Advisory Council, and as Youth Ambassador [i.e., attending community events, presentations, etc.]
  • External work opportunities available for youth with alternate career paths and employers seeking to mentor youth in their business.


  • Black and Indigenous youth in Durham Region alone experience higher rates of unemployment, and lower graduation rates due to anti-Black racism and anti-Indigenous racism. Thus, Black and Indigenous youth are target eligibility for this opportunity.
  • Youth engaging in criminal or gang activity, and youth who are at risk for engaging in criminal activity due to community, low and under-employed, and racial identity.
  • Youth ages 16- 29 years old.
  • Youth with a valid social insurance number.
  • Youth who are in school [i.e., college, high school, or university] are welcome to join for part-time employment up to 24 hours per week.

Placement Terms:

  • Employment placement terms are developed with the Program Coordinator and can continue for three, six, or one year depending on the assignment, the mentorship schedule, and the youth’s needs.
  • Terms begin in October, January, April or July.
  • Placements may occur on a hybrid basis.

Compensation Rate:

  • Compensations range from minimum wage to $22/per hour depending on employer.
  • Work hours range from up to 24 hours per week [part-time] to 40 hours per week [full-time].


Youth Benefits:

  • Earn income while building your career and professional experience.
  • Work with professionals and leaders in your community.
  • Interact with team members and colleagues to collaborate on projects.
  • Enhance employability skills.
  • Access references from professionals.
  • Develop emotional intelligence and soft skills to enhance employability.
  • Contribute to your community and the social enterprise organization.
  • And so much more…


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Call Out! Are you a Black business owner or a professional seeking to support and develop our youth! Register to join our initiative. Professional mentors and workshop leaders are always welcome to host virtual and in-person workshops.  Leaders are compensated for their commitment to support and guide youth.

Businesses who are seeking youth employment and can provide mentorship to youth in their establishment, are welcome to connect with the Ifarada team to explore opportunities for job-share and matching opportunities.  Ifarada will cover most of the employment-related expenses to support youth and businesses thrive!

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We are seeking you! Upcoming classes scheduled for mentees. We are seeking facilitators to lead these programs!



I have submitted my application, now what?

A member of our team will connect with you within 2-3 days of your application.  Or send us an email at: info@ifaradainstitute.org.

We will meet with you virtually or at your business to learn more about your experience and expertise, and discuss how we can collaborate as a team.

Team work makes the dream work.

We will develop a Memorandum of Understanding to guide our agreement.  The MOU is reviewed on an annual basis or when a new youth joins the program.

Thank you again for your interest and support!