Call for Mentors & Leaders

February 12, 2019

Ifarada is seeking YOU, youth mentors and leaders to join one or more of our fantastic culturally-based, inclusive, and social justice programs.

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Seeking to develop your leadership skills in grassroots, emerging organization?

Here at Ifarada, we are looking for a few good youth aged 15 to 24 years old who is interested in volunteering on our Board, helping make decisions on programs and services, directing our financial, business and marketing affairs, and supporting us as we emerge as the newest agency in Durham Region.

Interested?? Complete our application at:  Board Application


A Few Good Women... Wonderfully-Made is our newest mentorship program for girls aged 8 to 13 years old. We are seeking young women ages 15 to 24 to provide mentorship to our girls. We believe that one of the best ways to support a strong identity is for older girls to support younger girls providing a BIG SISTER approach.

Our mentors facilitate workshops in local schools and community centers for our mentees. The workshops focus upon building their identity, supporting a healthy self-image, and empowering girls' confidence.

Our mentors also support girls to attend outings and cultural activities throughout the city.

Interested? Check out our Application Form for Mentorship

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Help Us Make a Difference in Our Community!