Ifarada’s Board of Directors

January 6, 2022

Ifarada has a minimum of one individual and up to ten individuals. The board of directors plays an advisory role within the organization. As an advisory board, the Board members provide input, guidance, and oversight on the organization. Furthermore, the Board members represent the community to which the organization serves. From time to the time the Board members may consult or provide services for the organization.

Organizations’s Purpose

Ifararda is a non for profit organization that provides African-centric and culturally-specific programs and services for young people, families, and elders. Through programs and services, Ifarada hopes to develop a strong healthy community through strong leadership, mentorship programs, self-esteem and personal life coaching, advocacy, and civic engagement. Ifarada recognizes the presence and experiences of oppression and racism have influenced outcomes for African families and community, and thus targets programs to address these disparities and create opportunities for growth within African communities.

Type of Non-for-Profit Organization

Ifarada is an emerging organization that provides: family services, community mental health services, and children and youth mental health services.

Ifarada is Black-led, Black-owned, and Black-focused.

Current Board Members

  • Elizabeth Evans
  • Lisa McGregor
  • Kaitlin Patrick
  • Matthew Persad
  • Sophia Okeyere
  • Tasia Richards
  • Okey Pauliocap
  • Adrianna Perryman (youth)
  • Emmanuel Asamoah

Principles of Governance

1)      The Board is an advisory board that provides input, guidance and, oversight on the organization.

2)      The Board supports the organization in serving the community and plays an advisory or active role in planning/administration, special projects, knowledge/training, and vision/planning.

3)      The Board supports and participates in the organization’s feature of decision making which follows a key value, that includes collaboration, equitable and collective decision making, holistic and community-centered, and employs youth and elder wisdom and guidance.

4)      Policies are formulated using an anti-oppressive practice framework that assesses who benefits from the policy and who does not benefit and is reviewed on an annual basis.

5)      The Board and the Executive Director have a communal and collaborative relationship whereby the Executive Director communicates updates to the Board and seeks the Board’s input, guidance, and support within decision-making.

6)      The Board may monitor the performance of the Executive Director against pre-identified and mutually understood policy criteria and any mutual obligations specified in the Executive Director’s written contract and subsequent performance reviews.

Memberships & Relationships

Ifarada: Centre for Excellence is a proud member of the Family Services of Ontario Association.

Ifarada is a licensed Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) provider, and currently preparing to deliver this innovative program for children and parents/caregivers/guardians.

Terms of Reference (Board Members)


The Executive Director (ED) is collectively accountable to the staff team, the community, funders, and other stakeholders. The Board is accountable to the ED and the community to advise, provide insight and guidance to the organization


Individual Board members have no authority to approve actions by the organization, to direct staff, or to speak on behalf of the organization unless given such authority by the Board. 

Time Commitment

Twenty hours per year by attending Board Meetings, Annual General Meeting, participating on committees and attending special events.

Term of Office

The Board members can serve multiple terms of three (3) years at a time.


Board members uphold the principles of governance and provide guidance, insight, and support in the organization and in sustaining the organization over time. 

Principle Duties

Every member of the Board of Directors, including the Board’s officers, is expected to do the following:

  • Uphold the by-laws, code of conduct, conflict of interest and other polices that apply to the Board.
  • To actively support and become a voice for the organization, and share its involvement within their community.
  • Keep updated and review correspondence about the organization on a regular basis, and provide input and guidance.
  • Provide input in evaluating the Executive Director.
  • In the event the Executive Director is not able to fully complete its goals, to recruit and hire a subsequent Executive Director.
  • Participate in the evaluation of the Board itself (annual board self-evaluation).
  • Remain updated on current events, issues, and funding opportunities to support the organization and its initiaves.


Ifarada seeks membership of the Board by members who represent a diverse community (i.e., women, Black and Black-identifying individuals, People of Colour, Indigenous persons, youth, people with challenges), and are open to learning and participating in supporting the community.

Consider joining our Board today!

The upcoming annual Board Meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 8, 2022 at 7:00 PM


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