Oshun Women’s Group

Find your support, with us…

What is your story? What is your journey? What happened to you? Has your life been touched with heartache, pain, violence, grief, loss, separation, abuse? Feeling alone? Join us. Join our support groups designed to meet your needs.

As a psychotherapist and social worker, I have an unique position to witness the stories of women throughout our community. I am privileged to walk together with women, witnessing the pain they experienced throughout their lives. I am able to validate those moments in their life where their journeys were altered. And, I witness the pain they hold as they walk through difficult experiences, and the bewilderment as to how they can move on in their healing. Like the many women I speak to, I too have a similar story. What if we joined together to support each other in a powerful way. What if we shared our stories, and found our strength in our resiliency.

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As women in today’s society, we are faced with numerous pressures: from media images, to pressures within our careers, to managing our homes and/or children, to balancing our own emotional and mental well being.  Many times we do not have the support from others due to fears about being judged, criticized or shamed for not fulfilling our “dutiful” role in society.  This group will provide a safe, supportive environment to women where we can feel free to express ourselves, talk, and learn how we can create a greater balance in our lives.  You are not alone, and we hope to develop an environment where you are validated amongst women who experience similar pressures. You are not alone, and we hope to develop an environment where you are validated amongst women who share similar experiences.

Oshun Women’s Group is designed to help you:

  • Developing healthy relationships with others, such as family, friends, and children. Learn to build healthy boundaries, develop attachment-focused relationships, and resolve conflicts with others.
  • Maintaining intimate relationships, with partners, understand elements of healthy and unhealthy relationships; learn how to shift unhealthy relationships to healthier connections
  • How to develop supportive relationships amongst women; understand the barriers which keep women at odds with each other.
  • How to improve how you feel about yourself and your life; set meaningful goals for your life and your journey, connect with mentors and elders to guide your life
  • Understanding and managing your emotions and depression; develop your emotional intelligence, understand your mental health, learn the basic components of holistic healing
  • Strategies on dealing with stress and anxiety in your life; learn how to set and reach obtainable goals; practice mindfulness
  • Healthy ways to achieving good health and wellness; understanding the impact of fertility and aging women
  • Address traumatic experiences such as, losing a partner, parent or a child; dealing with violence in the home or community; intergenerational trauma & abuse; healing from childhood and adult sexual abuse; raising securely attached children, and so much more.

Our Mission:

Create an interconnected therapeutic support programs & networks for women.

Our Vision:

To provide therapeutic support groups for women in different places of their journeys

Review our blogs & articles for more information on topics which impact women.

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